What we do

Bushman Safaris is one of the finest tour operators in Uganda; staffed by an experienced and hospitable Ugandan team of safari travel experts. We are dedicated to designing immersive itineraries in which each destination unveils  the most delightful and memorable Pearl of African experiences. Our tour packages provide a variety of options for different travellers, giving different individuals unrivalled safari adventures. We also design bespoke tours and safaris, creating a custom experience for you, your friends, and family. From the remote corners of Uganda, to the depths of our tropical forests, Bushman Safaris is here to bring your dream to life.

We are also represented by SafariBookings  www.safaribookings.com to cater for all your travel needs across the Great Pearl.  

What we do


A Unique Experience, Just for you

A Unique Experience made Just for you!

Even though Uganda is a relatively small country, it has the richest cultural diversity in the world and an endless list of nature’s giftings.  Imagine the timeless forests cradled in the hills of the southwest, the snow capped Rwenzori mountains with the enchanting plant species or the remote and revered savannahs of the north interspersed by majestic rock formations. Uganda will indeed offer you a unique experience in itself with some of te most amazing attractions in the world.

In Uganda, you find an untouched beauty that will leave you forever in awe. From the magnificent wonder of the colourful mountain ranges, luscious savannahs to Africa’s longest river. It’s quite a romantic sight to behold!


It Is Your Turn To Come To Uganda

With many tour operators within and out of East Africa, it is often hard for different travellers to know which one to use to help them plan effectively a safari trip in Africa, but we are here to tell you, look no further! Bushman safaris is the perfect choice for you, your friends and family because we care about you and seek to give you the very best value for your money and on top of that, you will receive lots of wonderful complimentary treats that no other company offers.

We are eagerly waiting to share the beauty of the great Pearl of Africa with you and help mould the perfect Safari experience for you! Get in touch with one of our extremely knowledgeable travel advisors to help you create the perfect Ugandan adventure just the way you like it. You will most definitely leave the soils of Uganda very satisfied with our services and very pleased with your choice of a tour operator.


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