Travel FAQS

Is it safe to travel to Uganda?

Fortunately Kampala is one of the safest capitals in Africa; in fact, 99% of visitors leave the country without any issues. Obviously we advise that you practice the same basic caution you would in any other city. If you decide to use a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) while in town please take one with a passenger helmet available.

How can I be sure that Bushman Safaris really exists and is a reliable company?

Bushman safaris is a tour company that has a valid  certificate of incorporation as required by Ugandan law. The company is also a member of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators) which recognizes and controls the many tour operator companies in the country. Don’t be afraid to ask for copies of the company Certificate of registration and AUTO membership certificate. You can also check our various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for recent and consistent activity.

Don’t be afraid to check the about us page on the front page of our website to seek information about the directions of the company offices, physical address, telephone contacts and the company profile.

Furthermore, we also provide instant and constant feedback to our clients making sure that they don’t miss out on any new product developments.

How likely is it that I will see gorillas & what happens if I don’t?

It is of our view that nobody should spend lots of money on gorilla permits only to miss out on these large primates. The good thing is that the chances of seeing these animals on a trek in Uganda is pegged at 95%. However, there are prevalent chances that you will not be able to see them and this failure can result in the tourists asking for a refund. The Uganda Wildlife Authority (or UWA) shall refund the full tracking fee if the visitor fails to track due to illness. Visitors who fail to track the gorillas as a result of their movement to the neighbouring country shall receive a full refund on their permits. Visitors who track the whole day and fail to view the gorillas for one reason or another will be refunded 75% of the tracking fee. All refunds shall be effected at the UWA headquarters in Kampala.

What are the social customs & norms in Uganda?

Ugandan culture is very hospitable; feel free to engage in small conversation with the locals; however it is usually expected to greet first, addressing things directly is considered rude. Uganda is somewhat conservative, so try not to wear anything too revealing; pants, for women are unusual in the rural areas but are generally tolerated when dealing with foreigners or people from the city.

Can I design my own itinerary?

Yes it is possible for one to design his or her own itinerary. By using our attractions page on the website, you can view the various destinations that you want to visit; send us a detailed email so that we can advise and improve on your customized ideas for better customer satisfaction.

What are the visa & medical requirements?

People from most countries can get a Ugandan visa at the point of entry for $50pp. Make sure to carry your yellow fever vaccination card & valid passport. Consultation with your doctor a few days prior to your trip is important so as to avoid unsatisfactory trips.

What is your cancellation & refund policy?

Please note that payment of  monies necessary for the trip does not provide a guarantee that the trip will take place as you may cancel it for various reasons. In the event of cancellation the following provisions apply:

Cancellation made within

30 or more days prior to departure date

15-29 days prior to departure date

8-14 days prior to departure

7 days prior to departure date

Refund policy

90% is refunded

75% is refunded

50% is refunded

Non refundable

Is tipping expected in Uganda? If so, what are the guidelines?

Tipping is not a must but is welcome and appreciated; we suggest you tip whenever you are happy with the service.
Standard Tipping in Uganda:

Restaurants: approximately 5-10% of the total.
Hotel Porters: 3000UGX ($1)
Driver/Guide: 10,000UGX -15,000UGX ($3-$5) Per Day/Per Person

Are credit cards widely used in Uganda?
Credit cards are not widely used for commercial transactions in Uganda, however you can use your Visa card at various ATMs around Kampala. You might be able to use your credit card at major hotels. MasterCard and other primary brands are quite rare in East Africa.
What should I bring on my safari?
Bring your passport, itinerary, prescription and preventative medicine, sunglasses, toiletries, sun blocker, animal books, camera, binoculars, proper and comfortable clothing as advised by the tour operator and a sense of humour.
What is the most ideal time of year to visit?
The best times to view wildlife in Uganda are the Dry seasons (June to August & December to February.)
What if I need medical attention during the trip?
Uganda is not known for state of the art medical and insurance care. However medical services are provided by local facilities present around the major national parks. These facilities can bring much needed help for minor sickness and injuries. To avoid health issues tourists are advised to visit health professionals at least a month before the date of travel to check for any hidden ailments and whether vaccinations and preventive measures can be taken.
Will someone meet me at the airport?
Yes a bushman safaris representative with a visible bushman safaris placard will be waiting for you to arrive at the the airport.
Is there internet access at lodges & camps?
Internet access is not guaranteed while in the bush; however, some lodges do offer it.
Can I use my cellphone while on Safari?

Uganda has great telecom providers that make it easy to get a sim card and load it for all your texting, calling and internet needs. If you plan to use a Ugandan telecom provider please make sure your cellphone is unlocked to use any sim card. You can find this out by asking your current telecom provider.

How can I pay for my safari?
The money can be paid by international wire transfer to our bushman safaris bank account or using the online payment system pesapal. We recommend international wire transfers because it is safer and the money is easier to track down.
Are travellers cheques accepted in Uganda?
Unfortunately travellers cheques are not allowed in Uganda!
How safe is it for homosexuals to visit Uganda?
Despite the negative press, Uganda is generally safe for gay and lesbian travellers. Uganda is also quite conservative and public display of affection or PDA of any sort, straight or gay is usually frowned upon. Discretion is advised.
What is the safari accommodation like?

Safari accommodation varies depending on the type of tourist. Tourists have to choose between luxury, budget and tented accommodation options depending on how much money they are willing to spend. They can expect 2-5 star city hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfast accommodation, bandas, tented and mobile camps and game lodges.

What is included in the price of my Uganda or East African Safari?

Prices will depend on the type of safari but usually include airport pickup and transfer, accommodation, half or full board meals, bottled water, transportation to various destinations in tourist vehicles, fuel, park entrance fees, activities, tracking permits in case of gorillas & chimpanzees, and the services of a guide.