In the northernmost corner of Uganda, bordering South Sudan and Kenya, lies the pristine wilderness of Kidepo Valley National Park. The land of the Karamajong is woven from vast plains split open by handsome rock formations. This distinctive safari delivers another side of Uganda, a reminder that if you haven’t ventured into this secluded park, you haven’t truly seen Uganda.


Safari Highlights

  • Enjoy a morning game drive in Kidepo
  • Learn about the culture of the Karamajong pastoralists
  • Overnights in Kitgum and Gulu


Day One: Kidepo via Kitgum

A guide ushers us into our first leg of the Kidepo Safari, a drive to Kitgum, where we rest for the night.

Day Two: The Untouched Wilderness

It’s a short trip from Kitgum to Kidepo Valley National Park, which is perhaps the last untouched wilderness in Africa. A morning game drive in this remote park reveals giraffes, zebras, elephants, and lions as its inhabitants. In the evening we venture out for another drive hoping to spot, among other wildlife, the ever-elusive, nocturnal leopard.

Day Three: Among the Nomads

Our morning game drive delivers us to the Kanagorok hot springs. With luck, we might see ostriches sauntering across the plains. We continue our search for the wildlife of the north until the afternoon, when we seek a human experience in a Karamajong village. We learn how, like the untouched wilderness, the nomadic Karamajong remain mostly unsullied by the forces of modernity.

Day Four: A Northern Hub

We head southwest to Gulu, Uganda’s second biggest town and a quickly growing hub of activity in Northern Uganda. This peaceful town is an enclave of history and each visit reveals another layer of the years that passed.

Day Five: Return to Kampala

Today we journey back to Kampala, stopping on the way to track Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary where these endangered and seemingly prehistoric beasts are being reintroduced into Ugandan wildlife. On the road to Kampala, keep a look out for the historical Luwero triangle, another layer in Uganda’s intricate history.