It is a rare and touching experience to be allowed into the private lives of primates. In the misty mountains of Bwindi Impenetrable Forests, we hike in silence, searching out families of gorillas, protected by majestic silverback males. At Ngamba Island, orphaned chimpanzees find sanctuary in the open and in the depth of the forest. Each experience is moving in its own way, neither is to be forgotten.


Safari Highlights

  • Convenient flights maximize  time in Bwindi Forest and Ngamba Island
  • Luxury accommodation in the centre of gorilla and chimp habitats
  • Tracking and seeing gorilla families
  • Meeting chimpanzees and guided walks into Ngamba Forest
  • Fishing and cruise in Lake Victoria


Day one: A Warm Welcome

The first of our many enchanting nights is spent at the decadent Serena Lake Victoria resort, overlooking meticulous terraced rose gardens and panoramic views of Lake Victoria.

Day two – five: In the Heart of the Impenetrable Forest

We fly south west to Kayonza, an hour’s drive from the ethereal Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, a world heritage site and a harmony of dramatic landscapes. We enter the afternoon with a brisk community walk to learn about life on the outskirts of Bwindi before returning to our luxury tents in the exclusive Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp. This intimate setting is deep in the forest, earning lodgers occasional visits from families of mountain gorillas.

Still, we have many opportunities to tap into the private world of these powerful primates on a gorilla tracking excursion. Anticipation builds as we traverse the undergrowth, expecting a life-altering encounter with a family at any moment. This will be a story to tell for years to come.

Day six – seven: Sanctuary at Ngamba Island

A morning journey whisks us from the depths of the forest to Entebbe. We set sail to Ngamba Island, crossing the equator on Lake Victoria. Perhaps we’ll take a dip in the water at 0 degrees latitude before the boat delivers us to the secluded Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Ngamba Island, where we check into luxury tents looking out onto the lake.

From a raised platform, we have full sight of the chimpanzees as they feed and play nearby. Then we introduce ourselves as we help feed them. Gradually, we learn their behavior and get to know our clever and inquisitive hosts.

We set out for a boat cruise and cold drinks at dusk, watching the last of the light fall on fishermen casting their nets.

Day seven – nine: A Last Jaunt with the Chimps

We spend the day strolling with chimps in their natural habitat, deep in the 95 acre forest. They may accompany us on our treks in woodlands abound with diverse plant and tree species, natural caves, and the calls of over 120 species of birds. The island also offers an invigorating full or half day of fishing, where we might catch delightful evidence of our adventure on Ngamba Island.

On the morning of our departure, we say goodbye to the compelling chimps that stole our affection over the days.