4 Questions To Ask Before You Say ‘Yes’ For Gorilla Trekking In Uganda

4 Questions To Ask Before You Say ‘Yes’ For Gorilla Trekking In Uganda


4 Questions To Ask Before You Say ‘Yes’ For Gorilla Trekking In Uganda

Uganda is a place of wonder in all senses from the revered King Kong to the chimpanzees that are our closest relatives. Safaris in Uganda guarantee a genuine African Adventure and isn’t that what we all want? You can visit the 400 mountain gorillas in Bwindi, climb the ice-capped Rwenzori Mountains, trek chimpanzees, enjoy rafting on the Nile or observe the scenic wonders of the Savannahs, wildlife, lakes and rivers. It has something that appeals to all souls while offering a chance to connect it with nature abound. The options are endless and thrilling, but the most prominent amongst these is gorilla trekking. Though gorilla trekking is a captivating activity, it is essential to know what it entails.

1. Where To Go?

There are only two populations of gorillas left in the world, and those live in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

2. What To Expect?

Even though gorilla trekking in Uganda‘s forests is quite challenging, it is within reason for anyone with an above-average level of fitness. The forest gets very humid, and you will get sweaty, so bringing along the water is a good idea. Hiring a local guide would be in your interest since it would provide you with a sense of security and also offer valuable employment to the locals. After some bush-bashing, you will come across a gorilla family playing in a forest clearing. There is no direct interaction, but you will be able to sit and observe them for about an hour or so. These would be the most magical and fascinating 60 minutes of your life. The gorillas live at a high altitude, and you may get shortness of breath, so don’t be alarmed in case this happens and let your guide know if you get uncomfortable.

3. What To Pack For Uganda Gorilla Trekking?

Some essentials are:

  • Boots: good quality hiking boots will serve you well on this exhaustive trek.
  • Gloves: suitable for grabbing trees and branches out of your way while trekking
  • A rain jacket: a hike through a tropical rainforest would likely call for some rain.
  • Energy snacks: a trek to the mountain gorillas is pretty tight so that energy snacks would provide a good pick-me-up.
  • Water: bring a refillable water canteen as you will need to drink lots of water because of the sweaty trek
  • Long pants and shirts: fully covered garments are preferable while trekking through the jungle. It protects you from scratches and pesky insects.

4. Which Is The Best Time To Go Gorilla Trekking?

Even though gorilla trekking can be done any time of the year, the dry season is preferred by most. Those intending to take up the hike should keep in mind that it is an intensive experience which can take a whole day. So the dry season is the best since the ground would be dry and won’t be hazardous to trekkers.

These tips will come in handy when you are planning your much-awaited trip to Uganda. With the proper equipment and expectations, this trip would be a story that your grandchildren will relay to their grandchildren!

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