Our Uganda Safari Tours

Our Uganda Safari Tours

Have you always had Uganda on your travel bucket list? Do you want to visit the mountain gorillas? Well, it is time to kick it out of that list in a much more memorable way. Uganda travel packages are one of the most fun to carry out on the continent. Allow us to introduce you to Uganda’s magical wilderness for a stunning travel vacation.

Part of the fun of travelling to Uganda is customizing your tour, the only difficulty in this is your probably unfamiliar with Uganda and its amazing attractions. No problem at all! Bushman safaris will Customize Your Tour into the perfect vacation for you and your group. You can also look through some of our Uganda tour packages below. Let’s get started today!

Our Uganda Safari Tours


11 Days Gorilla Tour & Wildlife Safari 


3 days Gorilla Tour


8 days Gorilla Tour & Wildlife Safari


9 days Rwenzori Mountains, Birding & Wildlife Safari 


7 days Gorilla Tour & Wildlife Safari


9 days Gorilla tour & Wildlife Safari


3 days Jinja Source of the Nile Tour


4 Days Golden Monkey Tracking 


14 days Rwenzori Mountain peak trek & Gorilla tour


4 days Chimpanzee Tracking & Safari


5 days Rwenzori Mountains tour


5 days Sipi Falls tour & Wildlife Safari


5 days Chimpanzee, Rhino Tracking & Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari


3 days Queen Elizabeth National Park Wildlife Safari


19 days Grand Safari tour


3 days Murchison Falls National Park Wildlife Safari



A Tale Of Serengeti And Mountain Gorillas

8 DAYS | 7 NIGHTS A Tale Of Serengeti And Mountain Gorillas

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Check out our previous clients experiencing Uganda the Bushman Safaris way. You can not miss out on such an adventure. Bushman Safaris never disappoints.


Experience Uganda

Uganda has more to offer than you could imagine and as one of the top tour operators in Uganda, Bushman Safaris is here to bring your dream safari to life. Uganda is well known to hold the source of the Nile but it also has 10 national parks abundant with wildlife and hundreds of bird species. It has varieties of awe-inspiring landscapes like the impressive Rwenzori Mountains, the famed Murchison falls, and the rugged flatlands in Northern Uganda. And of course, Uganda offers Gorilla Tourism, currently the most popular travel activity.

Bushman Safaris offers a wide range of packages with itineraries to fit your time, budget and interests. These packages range from serene and scenic bird-watching tours, primate and gorilla tours, wild game safaris, adrenaline-driven adventures like white-water rafting, and hiking beautiful mountain ranges and other striking landscapes.

We also offer tailor-made itineraries to create your ideal safari. We have an expert team to help you every step of the way. No matter the destination, you will journey in comfort in luxurious 4x4 Land Cruisers, the ideal safari vehicle, complete with air-conditioning and wi-fi.

Wildlife, Primates, Places

With 10 national parks, Uganda is a destination with a lot to offer.

Are you looking for captivating wildlife experiences? Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, and Kidepo Valley National Park.

If you’re interested in the interior world of primates, visit Kibale Forest National Park, Kyambura Gorge, Budongo Forest, Kalinzu Forest, and Maramagambo Forest. Then take on gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

For the ultimate, authentic, Uganda experience, select or create an itinerary that combines the best of wildlife, primates, and places.

When to visit Uganda

Because of its favourable climate, Uganda is a year-round destination. It has rainy seasons twice a year (March-May and September-November) which make for challenging hikes and treks. Most activities can be enjoyed during the dry season, especially game rides, aquatic wildlife viewing, and water adventures.

Uganda Travel Tips

Want to know more about travelling and touring in Uganda, we have plenty of tips and information you can read here on our Uganda travel blog. There are plenty of online forums where you can ask questions and learn from the experiences of others. Make sure to do your research to ensure a great experience in Uganda, especially when it comes to general questions about Uganda. However, Bushman Safaris is here to help with your travel and tour needs.

To answer the most common question travellers have: is it safe to travel in Uganda? Definitely. Like in any country, it’s good to be a pragmatic traveller, but rest assured Uganda is a safe destination, one that has given many people memorable experiences.

A Comprehensive Guide to Enthralling Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

In today’s hectic world where life is getting faster every day, some people might yearn to slow down a little. One of the best ways to burst through the shackles of stringent corporate schedules and grab a rare opportunity to reconnect with nature is by going for Gorilla trekking in Uganda. An East African state, Uganda is home to two amazing natural sanctuaries of gorillas which can be a perfect destination for once in a lifetime expedition for you and your family. Tagging along is an all-inclusive guide who will assist you with the procedure of getting permits, trekking rules as well as how to plan your gorilla safari.

Getting Permits for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

The Uganda Gorillas permits are essentially those licenses which are given to the visitors. These permits let travellers get the assistance of experienced guides who take them through the snaky lush green tracks deep into the Impenetrable Forests and finally find an incredible habituated family of gorillas. Under these permits, visitors are allowed to spend around an hour in gorillas’ presence. There are merely three countries on the whole planet which allow these adventurous experiences. Fortunately, Uganda is one of them. It has one hundred and four permits which are allotted to thirteen families of gorillas.

The Procedure for Booking Permits

Travellers can get the Gorilla Trekking permits from the Ugandan government which has established a particular department for such requests. It is known as the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). Booking these permits and dealing with governmental authorities can be a bit cumbersome for potential visitors primarily because of long and complicated bureaucratic procedures. Therefore, it is highly advised to get the services of well-reputed travel operators that can significantly simplify the whole process.

How Much Do They Cost?

The next crucial thing to know about Uganda Gorillas trekking permits is how much do they cost. For both Mgahinga and Bwindi National Park, the price of a permit for each person is $600 (USD). For the years 2018-19, booking of gorilla permits is divided into three basic categories of tourists. Foreigner non-residents of Uganda can get each pass for 600 USD, foreigner residents have to pay 500 USD and UGX 250000 is the permit fee for local Ugandans and East Africans.

Do Seasons Have to Be Taken Under Consideration?

In addition to getting acquainted with the booking process and fees, it is imperative to keep in mind that there are high and peak Gorilla Trekking seasons. If you are planning your voyage either during the months of June to early November or from December to February then, in this case, it’s recommended to get the booking of your permits done no less than five months beforehand. On the other hand, during low seasons travelers might be able to book permits on the spot.

Rules to Follow Before Trekking, During Trekking and Upon Meeting Gorilla Family

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is known to be one of the most sensitive safaris in the whole world. There are multiple reasons behind it. First of all, gorillas are declared as highly endangered species by international wildlife organizations. Secondly, the terrain of Ugandan forests possesses its own challenges. In order to complete the entire journey in the best possible way, there are a certain set of rules that each and every trekker is bound to follow. Those rules are explained below:

Before Trekking Kicks Off

In both Uganda Gorilla national parks, the maximum number of tourists that are allowed to visit a certain group or family of gorillas is eight in one day. This rule is especially designed to promote ecotourism by keeping in view the wellbeing of iconic wild species. The limits on the number of visitors per day basically assist in reducing diverse behavioural commotions which human beings may cause to Ugandan gorillas.

This rule assists in minimizing the potential danger of transferring a wide range of diseases to gorillas by tourists. To further ensure the utmost cleanliness possible, trekkers are advised to wash their hands before they commence tracking.

During Trekking

Once trekkers start their journey it is imperative that they keep their voices as low as possible. The reason behind it is that loud human noises can disrupt mountain gorillas. An added advantage of staying quiet is that visitors would get the exceptional opportunity to spot and enjoy many other astounding wild species including vibrant butterflies, birds with sweet songs and golden monkeys.

Never litter during Gorilla trekking in Uganda. Similar to in any protected area or wildlife national park, it is requested to put all the garbage in your backpack. These eco-tourism sites are extremely fragile therefore it is the responsibility of tourists to keep the whole place litter-free during their whole journey. In case you want a toilet break, simply talk to the guide who will let you know appropriate action.

Upon Meeting a Gorilla Family

The distance which tourists are supposed to maintain between them and gorillas is around 7 meters. Even though they are accustomed to seeing visitors, they must be treated as wild animals. Their alpha male is known as silverback often takes the family away and even can retaliate by charging in case it feels threatened.

Smoking and eating anything in gorillas’ presence is absolutely prohibited. Switch off the flashlights of cameras before reaching the family. Camera flashes can disturb gorillas. That is why they are banned. Visitors are given an hour to stay around Uganda Gorillas so that they can watch them forage and play.

Thoroughly Plan Your Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tour

There are numerous travel companies that offer their assistance to potential visitors in planning their Gorilla Trekking excursions. You also have the option to plan and design this lifetime experience. In addition to the procedure of getting permits which have already been discussed in details, following are several other aspects which are ought to be mulled over while planning your adventurous trekking trip.

Get a Hotel or Lodge Booked

After doing preliminary research on which permits are available during your intended visiting days you must divert your focus on finding and booking a reasonable spot to stay. Whether you’re looking for budget lodges, or maybe even a luxury accommodation in a 5-star hotel, our team at Bushman Safaris have you covered. We assist you in choosing the right accommodation at just the right price!

Consider Your Commute Options

Once you are done with booking permits and hotel, the next thing that demands your attention is transport options. Pickups from airport to hotels and travelling from hotel to the starting points of Uganda Gorillas tracks are offered by our team at Bushman Safaris. This is to make sure that our customers don’t have to look forward to unknown and expensive travel options.

Things to Pack

Gorilla trekking in Uganda demands you to be very well prepared. The forest regions in which gorillas are found have challenging terrain. Grounds are most likely to be slippery coupled with unpredictable weather. Some of the vital things to pack in your bag include raincoats, hand gloves, hat, shirts with long sleeves and reliable hiking boots.

Customize Your Tour
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