5 Myths about Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

5 Myths about Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

5 Myths about Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

If you’re looking for an ultimate and memorable experience of a lifetime, then gorilla trekking in Uganda takes the cake. An African safari in itself is an adventure that exceeds all expectations. Trekking mountain gorillas is sure to transform and illuminate your view of the world as you know it.

Gorilla trekking is a challenging journey to undertake, but it will be worth your while. There’s nothing that can be compared to trudging deep into the forest while taking in all flora and fauna in search of the mountain gorillas. Several myths surround these majestic creatures, which may have you on the fence, but these facts about mountain gorillas will put all those concerns to rest.

1. Gorillas are just like those in the movie ‘King Kong’

Watching ‘King Kong’ may have scared you, but gorillas are nothing like that in reality. In fact, they are named gentle giants because of their calm and mild demeanour. If you behave gently when amongst these creatures and are not seen as a threat, your experience will be not just pleasant but also out of this world.

2. Gorillas are just like monkeys

There exists a wide disparity within the primates. These include prosimians, apes, and monkeys. Most of the common primates you’re likely to come across are monkeys. Many people think that gorillas belong to the monkey family, but they are one of the five categories of great ape. The most notable difference between monkeys and apes is that monkeys have tails while apes do not.

3. Primates can be kept as pets since they’re so cute

While on your gorilla tour in Uganda, you will get to see families of apes, which may make you think that they’ll make great pets. But nothing could be farther than the truth. Apes and gorillas are so much stronger than the average human being that they could easily overpower a human being. They require specialized care that can be difficult to provide and require groups to thrive, lacking, which can be detrimental to their health.

4. Your chest-beating is on point

Everyone is familiar with chest-beating, but you’re probably doing it wrong. Everyone tries to imitate gorillas by beating their chest with closed fists, but you will get to see on your tour that that’s now how they do it. They use the palm of their hands to make this iconic noise, which is less likely to injure themselves. It also carries the sound much further into the jungle than otherwise. If you are going to do it, then you should as well do it accurately!

5. Primates must like bananas

Since monkeys love eating bananas, it may seem like a good idea to carry some with you and offer them if the chance arises. But bananas, especially those from the local stores, are not native to the region where primates live. However, they enjoy the taste, but planting them near forests often results in a human-wildlife conflict when the primates come out to steal them.

Gorilla trekking should not be given up at any cost because another such experience may not present itself in this lifetime. Equipped with the correct information about these apes, you can safely navigate their territory and enjoy watching them in their natural habitat. These tours go a long way in preserving their lives and creating resources for their safekeeping. So invest in a trip that offers you an escape from reality and may even shift your current perspectives completely. Don’t miss this opportunity to get enlightened!

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