5 Best Treks In Africa

5 Best Treks In Africa

Treks In Africa

5 Best Treks In Africa

Have the mountains always been your go-to place? If yes, then Africa is waiting for you! From the north to the south, this continent is surrounded by impressive mountains. Some are challenging, while others make for an easy to medium climb. Trekking up to these mountains offers an outstanding view and a memorable experience. While you rejuvenate amidst nature, you encounter some undiscovered and unique wildlife, learn about the locals, how they survive there and how they remember the paths. The climb here is going to be a mix of adventure and delight. Here are some of the mountains where you can have your best treks:

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the most prominent and popular trekking destination in Africa. You get to experience five different climates as you ascend towards the peak. The routes you take determine the degree of difficulty; for instance, Marangu and Rongai are the least difficult routes, while Machame, Shira and Lehmosho are the most challenging routes. Each route offers different and exquisite scenic views. You can choose the way as per your convenience.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa and undoubtedly the toughest to climb. At the highest peak, places like Batian and Nelion need technical climbing, while peaks like Lenana can be scaled by beginners as well. You will be walking amidst the forest covered with moorlands, ice and snow and you get to witness terrific sunrises and sunsets against the snow-capped peaks. Mount Kenya is a must-see destination in Africa.

Ngong Hills

Ngong is situated at 1,961 feet above sea level and hiking here is super exciting because it has many adventures in store for you. You start from a small village, pass through wind farms and radio repeater stations, and finally explore a series of hills. This trail gives you the finest picture-worthy views; plus, the greenery and winds act as therapy, relaxing you amidst the challenging climb.

Karura Forest

Karura Forest is a mini paradise for nature admirers. You will not want to leave this place once you start hiking. Walking in this forest, you encounter rare birds and trees, which are absolutely jaw-dropping and gorgeous. As you go further, you come across caves with historical significance. Finally, you reach a mesmerizing waterfall. It is a trek to remember.

Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate has unique topography and the most hypnotizing landscapes you don’t want to miss exploring. Walking through Ol Njorowa Gorge will be the best experience ever as the stretch is also filled with hot water springs that supply water to other small streams. You can expect to encounter wildlife and a beautiful sunset here.

Climbing these ranges is genuinely going to be a wholesome experience. As you keep ascending, you witness exquisite and picture-worthy landscapes. Be ready to explore the most delicate flora and fauna and never-before-seen wildlife. Get pumped up and book your slot with Bushman Safari – we ensure that you cover all the prominent places and have the best vacation of your life.

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