5 Most Captivating National Parks In Tanzania

5 Most Captivating National Parks In Tanzania

National Parks In Tanzania

5 Most Captivating National Parks In Tanzania

National Parks In Tanzania

Africa’s allure calls every traveller and tourist to witness some of the most beautiful expanses, tropical forests and wildlife. Such a land harbours Tanzania, which encompasses the most amazing and adventurous national parks to give you a memorable time in the wild. Here are a few national parks that are with your visit:

Serengeti National Park

The untamed wilderness of Serengeti National Park is a sight to behold. One of the most coveted national parks in Tanzania, Serengeti makes a home to rich biodiversity, including various species of birds, plants and animals. You can take a safari with jeep drives throughout the park and spot many species in their natural habitat. At the right time of the year, you can also bear witness to the Great Immigration, which is a sight to witness on a hot air balloon in this park.

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is one of those untouched beauties that carry serenity and are ideal for the people pursuing a calm and rejuvenating time in Tanzania. Packed with lush baobab trees, you will find numerous herds of elephants while on a safari. The Tarangire River crossing the park attracts a hoard of bird species, such as the yellow-collared lovebirds, the Rufous-tailed weaver, and the ashy starling, quelling their thirst in the water. Go can go for night safaris, walking safaris and game drives while at this park.

Ngorongoro National Park

Ngorongoro attracts travellers from all over the world with its unique natural habitat. Surrounded by 400m to 600m of walls, Ngorongoro Crater shut down any intrusion of human activity. This allowed a natural growth of the biodiversity, and while you pay a visit to this park, you can even spot the Big Five within just one day itself. Not only that, but this park is home to the endangered black rhino too.

Lake Manyara

Renowned as ‘Mini Serengeti’, Lake Manyara is packed with a variety of biodiversity. It is well known for its vast collection of elephants, the biggest population in all of Tanzania. Other than that, you will find hippos and flamingos in the rainy season. Also, you will get to observe lions and other predatory animals in their natural habitat. Trekking lovers would enjoy a great trek in this park.

Selous Game Reserve

Another reserve popular for its wildebeest migration apart from Serengeti would be the Selous Game Reserve. It is the largest inhabited area on the continent, which offers you an unadulterated beauty of the wide green expanses and nature in its full glory. You can spot migrated elephants as well as lions while at this reserve.

Tanzania, in all its wilderness, gives you an experience of a lifetime. With vast biodiversity and numerous ecosystems prevailing in this country, it makes your vacation worthwhile. At Bushman Safari, you can take advantage of our immaculate packages that form your perfect tour to all the landmarks, reserves and adventures you have on your itinerary. Reach out for a quote!

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