Covid 19 Update


For the typical adventurer who loves to travel and exploit new places, the Covid 19 pandemic has proved to be one of the greatest misfortune of all time. The good news is, with the discovery of a Covid 19 vaccine, we are starting to see a ray of hope towards normal life again.

As the travel restrictions are being slowly lifted across the globe, we are pretty excited to once more put a smile on someone’s face as we make their safari dream come true! Our greatest endeavor as Bushman safaris is to minimize losses from old bookings by offering favorable return policies and most importantly being flexible in postponing already booked trips to a later convenient date for our guests.

When you decide to experience East Africa with us, we will give you the benefit of booking with us a tour at the lowest deposit of 20% and should you be unable to travel due to COVID 19 travel restrictions in your country, we will be willing to postpone the bookings we have made for you to a later date of your choosing.

Experiencing Wild Africa behind a mask is definitely something a little different from previous times but if there is one thing that we can promise is that the FUN and THRILL will always be a constant!


You will be required to do a COVID 19 PCR test valid 120 hours before your arrival into Uganda. In otherwise, by the time you arrive at Entebbe international airport, your test should still be valid within the 120 hour time frame.

Expect temperature checks at the airport and mandatory wearing of your mask.

Expect temperature checks at the national park entrance and you will be requested to put on a mask as well.


Hand sanitizer and Masks will be provided aboard the safari vehicles.

The safari vehicle will be disinfected before guests board for their transfer to various tourist destinations.

We will provide flight options (at one’s cost) to our guests that would prefer minimal interaction with local communities due to covid related reasons.

Assistance with your COVID tests that are still required while leaving Uganda. No need to worry about this, we will arrange it for you.

Last but not least, you can without a doubt expect a safari that goes beyond your wildest dreams whilst putting your health and safety first.

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