4 Things You Must Know About Murchison Falls

4 Things You Must Know About Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls

4 Things You Must Know About Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls is the highlight of Uganda’s largest National Park, Murchison Falls National Park. The mighty and magnificent force of these falls is an incredible beauty to watch. The great Nile River is the source of these falls and the reason behind it being the most powerful waterfall globally. As it gushes down, it flows outwards into Lake Albert. It is located in northwestern Uganda and has an abundance of bird species around. If you are lucky, you can also sight colourful rainbows across these falls. Here are 4 things you must know about Murchison Falls.

1) The Best Time to Visit Murchison Falls

Even though you can visit here throughout the year, some months may be more magical than others. If you are an animal lover, the best time to visit here is December to February as it is easier to sight wildlife. They are more often seen during the dry season. However, the rainy season can make the travel a bit of trouble, but it helps you see these falls with vivid species of migratory birds. Lastly, June to September is the high season here. You will find several tourists visiting this place during this time as it falls in the midst of the rainy and the hottest months.

2) The Animals That You Can Sight

Murchison Falls is blessed with an abundance of bird species and wildlife. Along the River Nile, you may sight some hippos, crocodiles and several aquatic birds. The vibrant colours of these creatures are a sight of a lifetime. Also, you can visit the surrounding national parks, which are home to several wildlife animals like lions, rhinos, elephants, chimpanzees, etc. No other place will have such a diverse presence of animal life like Murchison Falls and the surrounding areas.

3) The Most Popular Activity

The most popular activity in Murchison Falls is the adventurous game drive to experience closer contact with the wildlife. Game drives are available throughout the year, but as stated above, the best time to do this is the dry season. These are generally conducted early in the morning as it becomes easier to sight animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, jackals, etc. The expert driver guides are well equipped with tracking abilities, ensuring you sight some of the best wildlife creatures here.

4) The Thrilling Boat Cruise

The boat cruise is the most exciting way for you to enjoy Murchison Falls. For a closer and venturesome experience, the boat takes you to the bottom of Murchison Falls and the Devil’s Cauldron. While you move through the streams, you can experience the beauty of nature and several aquatic animals and birds around.

It is your obligation not to feed any animal any human food that you carry. These animals are well fed and taken care of with the food they require; if they taste what you provide them, it can cause trouble. Especially with monkeys and baboons, they will try to break into tents and cars to feed on such food items. Apart from this, if you need assistance to plan a trip here, you can get in touch with Bushman Safaris. We have a Supreme Murchison Safari that will cover every activity you must indulge in here.

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