Planning an African Safari: Where should I stop first?

Planning an African Safari: Where should I stop first?

Planning an African Safari: Where should I stop first?

Uganda offers so much more than a safari destination. It is a window to vigour and vibrancy where each new day is filled with a pleasant surprise. If you want to experience mythical, old-world Africa, then an Uganda safari is just what you need. With wandering gorillas, curious chimpanzees, and elephants that march on ochre-coloured trails, Uganda is a mysterious land, filled with beautiful people and unique wildlife. From gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to Murchison Falls National park, you will get to see Africa in its most authentic form.

Let’s see where you should head off first amongst the many treasures that lay in wait for your exploration.

Stop:1 Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The highlight of your trip will undeniably be your gorilla trekking tour in Bwindi. It is one of Africa’s older rainforests and takes approximately 3-4 hours from Lake Mutanda. Home to over 350 species of birds, Bwindi is a paradise for bird watchers. Suppose you wish to spot some globally threatened species such as Chapin’s flycatcher, Shelly’s crimson wing, and African green broadbill. In that case, Bwindi is a must-stop in your traveller’s itinerary.

You can test your physical fitness by taking on a cycling and mountain biking tour in Bwindi. The well-maintained trail is over 13km, and the round trip takes 6-7 hours, along which you’ll be able to catch wildlife in its essence.

Stop:2 Queen Elizabeth National Park

While carrying over the high from gorilla trekking, the next stop is the Queen Elizabeth National park, just 150km from Bwindi. It is one of the most well-liked attractions and the oldest national park in the country.

The park inhabits the Big Four animals: the leopard, the Cape buffalo, the lion, and the African Elephant. Most game drives are done during the early morning, and you can rest assured that your guide will not let you miss anything. The one mystery you should witness with your eyes is the climbing lions found in the Ishasha sector. Yes! These lions love climbing fig and acacia trees, and the reason behind this is an unsolved enigma. If your love for primates is still not satiated, then you can go chimpanzee trekking.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a coveted birding destination in the world. You can spot flamingos and many various species of owls, eagles, and canaries.

This tour can be wound up quite easily in two days, but you can have many more activities to do if you wish to stay longer and get more acquainted with its ‘residents’.

Stop:3 Murchison Falls National Park

The last stop is Murchison Falls National Park, which is about 7-8 hours from Kibale, 3 hours from Queen Elizabeth Park. You can also opt to fly from Kasesesto Pakuba via Entebbe, eliminating the usage of bumpy roads.

The falls are the main allure in the park. The sounds and sights of the Nile are second to none and incredibly awe-inspiring. There’s wildlife as well, most notable crocodiles and hippos.

There’s a wide variety of animals to be spotted here since the park comprises wetland, savannah, woodland, and tropical forest habitats, including warthogs, Cape buffalos, bushbucks, Uganda kob, and elephants. You can spot night predators since night game drives are allowed in this park. You can see the leopards, lions, and hyenas on the prowl for their prey.

Murchison Falls also has many other popular activities such as boat cruises, nature walks, and birding tours. This is claimed to be the best Ugandan park for a short safari tour and can be covered in three days.

The African tour with the destinations mentioned above is one of the most sought-after combinations for Uganda Safari. Make the most of your adventure and feel all the years of stress wash away as if they never existed.

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