How to Prepare Your Body for a Gorilla Trekking Adventure

How to Prepare Your Body for a Gorilla Trekking Adventure

Gorilla Trekking Adventure

How to Prepare Your Body for a Gorilla Trekking Adventure

Not every holiday has to involve you lounging about on the beach with a cocktail in hand. Sometimes, the best way to spend your day off is to give yourself a unique and rewarding challenge to overcome. This is a level of exhilaration and adventure that gorilla trekking can offer you. Gorilla trekking is a raw experience of hiking through thick vegetation, mountainsides, and bodies of water to discover the scenic views of nature.

It’s a great opportunity to discover the purity of nature undisturbed by nearby cities. Through gorilla trekking, you’ll encounter unique flora and fauna incomparable with any other nature trip. However, before taking up this challenge, you must ensure that your body can withstand the strain of trekking through diverse terrain for several hours. For this reason, you need to condition your body to reach a certain level of fitness.

Training Your Body in Preparation for Gorilla Trekking

Like preparing for a marathon or any physical endeavour, it’s important to get your body in shape accordingly. Otherwise, you could end up dragging your weight if you’re taking a trip with a group of friends. Even worse, you could receive injuries due to your body’s unpreparedness to handle harsh conditions. For these reasons, it’s vital to get your body in shape before signing yourself up for a gorilla trekking trip.

If you want to be physically ready for your gorilla trekking adventure, follow this three-step guide:

Step#1: Book Your Trip in Advance

Getting your body in shape isn’t something you can do overnight. If you’re not the type to engage in high-intensity physical exercise, you’ll need plenty of preparation for your gorilla trekking trip. Ideally, it’s best to train your body 5-6 months before your flight. This will ensure that you have enough time to train your agility, increase your endurance, and develop your strength.

Step#2: Determine Your Baseline

While it may seem extreme to prepare for a holiday six months in advance, it’s vital to avoid encountering difficulties once you’re trekking. Besides, getting your body in shape is never a bad investment.

Instead of pushing your body past its limit, you need to identify your baseline so you know where to start. Although it’s helpful to look at fitness guides online, the best solution is to consult with a physical trainer. Receiving the right workout plan shows you the right place to start your workout routine in preparation for your gorilla trekking trip.

Step#3: Buy the Right Gear

Besides training your body, you need the right gear to keep you comfortable in the mountains. This is because your everyday running shoes might not work best in mountainsides and rivers. You may also have to bring heavy-duty boots along to navigate the trail.

Additionally, you should prepare for different environmental conditions, like strong heat and the presence of insects. You must list the contents of your daypack and bring the essentials, like sunscreen, insect repellent, and even a sizeable tumbler for drinking water.


While it’s essential to get your body in shape to stay fit and agile while traversing the dense jungles, it’s important to make your digital preparations as well. It can be a pain to sift through the different things you need to book and reserve, especially since you’ll be travelling to a new country. Thankfully, you can seek assistance from safari trip companies to give you a wide selection of tour packages!

Are you ready to take your holiday adventures to the next level? Our team at Bushman Safari can book a custom travel package for your unique vacation. If you want to discover the beauty and challenge of gorilla trekking in Uganda, book with us today!

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