4 Prominent Game Reserves in Africa

4 Prominent Game Reserves in Africa

Game Reserves

4 Prominent Game Reserves in Africa

Looking for a vacation that’s filled with adventure, set in nature and will be memorable for a lifetime? It’s time for you to explore the wonders of Africa. This continent imparts soul-stirring experiences and introduces you to survival struggles amidst the vast, unprotected and untamed nature. From encountering gentle giants to watching a lion pass by your jeep silently, you have experiences that give essence to your life! There are many places to visit in Africa, but you must not miss these prominent game reserves for the ultimate African safari experience:

Serengeti National Park

Have you ever romanced amidst the wild where you are surrounded by incredible flora and fauna? This endless land is filled with golden savanna and acacia-dappled plains, while the sky’s hues reflect on them and uplift the overall appearance of the area. The beauty of this landscape soon turns into a beast when you see millions of wildebeests, zebras and other antelopes migrating to Masai Mara. This happens between December and July. Here, you learn about survival skills and how the rat race concept works in the animal kingdom.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Has the concept of evolution always intrigued you? Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a place where you can get answers to your questions. This place stands out due to Olduvai Gorge, where scientists found bones that are millions of years old. Moreover, you can witness herds of cattle amidst the wild lions and probably catch a hunt in action. Also, you will meet the Masai groups that coexist with the wildlife and learn how they survive amidst the dense population of wild lions.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is perfect for trekking and reconnecting with nature. You can explore the dense forest and watch exotic and colorful bird species that look beautiful amidst the green forest. However, this region is mainly known for its gentle giants, i.e., the gorillas that inhabit this area. There are 340 gorillas, 120 mammal species and 350 bird species here, and walking amidst them will make you understand the essence of nature closely. Also, it will reconnect you with nature and impart a refreshing feeling.

Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park is an attractive and beautiful place that shelters the wildest animals in Africa. There are 13 species of chimpanzees, 500 elephants and 250 species of butterflies, and you can also spot leopards, bush-babies, white and black Columbuses and many more wild animals. The dangerous wild is tamed by the beauty of the flora and fauna this place holds.

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