5 Tips on Saving Money on Your Safari Trip

5 Tips on Saving Money on Your Safari Trip

Safari Trip

5 Tips on Saving Money on Your Safari Trip

Being part of an African safari is an immersive experience one can never forget. The magnificent landscapes, serene nature and fascinating wildlife stay with you forever. Even the food, culture and people of the continent are charming and delightful, but a trip to any country in Africa can get heavy on the pocket. If you are on a budget but don’t want to miss out on the amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience, then here is a list of tips you can utilize to save money on your safari trips.

Pick the Right Location

Popular national parks tend to be on the costlier side of the scale. Exploring less popular game reserves is an affordable option. Another advantage of visiting lesser-known parks is that there will be fewer people present. These ordinary parks can be just as fun and exciting as the well-known ones. As there are fewer tourists, there’s a higher possibility of observing most of the animals present in the vicinity.

Visit During the Low Season

Flights and accommodation are generally cheaper during the low season in the months from May to September. Though, expect rainfall during this season and prepare yourself accordingly. Another benefit of travelling during this time, apart from saving money, is that many animals are usually accompanied by their young ones. So you will have a heartwarming and memorable safari experience. 

Stay at a Campsite

Look for official campsites in the national park that are covered with the necessary safety precautions. Setting or renting a tent is considerably cheaper than staying at a lodge. Living in the middle of an African national park is a bucket-list activity you must try. Also, the night views will be spectacular.

Reside in Family-Run Lodges

If you prefer lodges over camps, then opt for family-run inns. High-end, luxury lodges can be expensive. Small, owner-operated hotels are more likely to provide an authentic feel and vibe to your trip. Also, they usually provide special offers to attract customers. Furthermore, look for lodges outside the national park as they tend to be lesser priced than the ones inside.

Try Local Food

If meals are not included in your tour package, then consider bringing your own food on the trip. Additionally, try local cuisine over high-end restaurant food. You can befriend some staff members to know their favourite local spots. Not only will you relish some delicious African cuisine, but you will also save food costs.

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