Top 6 Birds You Will Find During Your Uganda Safari

Top 6 Birds You Will Find During Your Uganda Safari

Uganda Safari

Top 6 Birds You Will Find During Your Uganda Safari

For a bird lover, nothing is more tranquil than gazing at rare birds in silence! If you are a bird lover, then Uganda is the perfect destination for your next bird-watching session. Uganda is the pearl of Africa, and it definitely does not disappoint.

Uganda is a prime bird-watching site with over 1000 species of birds! Here are some of the most iconic birds you can expect to see here.

1) Shoebill

If you are visiting Africa, you cannot miss the shoebill bird. This bird attracts thousands of bird-lovers from all over the world to Uganda. It gets its name due to its bill’s shape, which looks like a shoe. This bird is also quite hard to miss, as it can grow as tall as 5 feet. And its body is covered with bluish-grey plumage, and it has long legs and broad wings. It is truly a sight to behold.

2) African Green Broadbill

If you want to see these tiny green birds during your visit to Uganda, you should head to the Bwindi National Park. This bird is elusive, but you can easily spot them perched motionless within a canopy if you have keen eyes. This bird can be hard to miss, but you won’t regret waiting some time for it to show itself—it is quite a gorgeous sight, after all.

3) Great Blue Turaco

One of the most incredible species you may encounter on your Bushman Uganda Safari is the great blue turaco. These birds have turquoise bodies with yellow breasts and reddish-yellow beaks, and their eyes have brilliant red markings around them. What’s special about them is that the native Africans believe these birds bring good luck to your life if you encounter them!

4) Green Breasted Pitta

If you are someone who likes the challenge of spotting birds, you can keep an eye out for the green-breasted pitta. It is one of the most difficult to spot birds in Uganda, which lives in the Kibale National Park’s well-camouflaged jungles. Here’s a tip if you want to spot this bird, you need to keep your ears open as it vocalizes pretty loudly.

5) Doherty’s Bush-Shrike

Mostly heard but rarely spotted, this elusive bird belongs to the malaconotidae family. This bird is known for its striking clours with a bright red forehead and throat, black breast band and tail, and lemon-yellow belly. If you are lucky, you might see one sulking in a tree.

6) Dusky Crimsonwing

The dusky Crimsonwing is a small bird that is known for its striking colour—its head is red and grey, and the tail is crimson-red or blackish-grey. It is also known for its soft voice that sounds like “tzeek” or “tsit.” This bird is quite similar to sparrows.

This is not all—Uganda is truly a paradise for bird lovers. Some of the other birds you can spot on your Bushman Uganda safari include Shelley’s Crimsonwing, standard-winged nightjar, bar-tailed trogon, and many more.

What are you waiting for? Come with us on one of our famous Bushman Uganda Safaris to discover the finest birds in Uganda. Contact us now to know more about our safari packages.

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