5 Travel Essentials for Your Next Gorilla Safari in Africa

5 Travel Essentials for Your Next Gorilla Safari in Africa

Gorilla Safari in Africa

5 Travel Essentials for Your Next Gorilla Safari in Africa

Going on a gorilla safari in Africa is a trip you will never forget. You can escape the hustle and bustle of modern life as you travel at a relaxed pace and immerse yourself in nature. You also get to see wild animals in the flesh, observe them while they roam freely in their natural habitat, and enjoy magnificent sights you can only find in this unique place.

To enjoy your memorable trip, you need to do the necessary preparations, like packing. Here are some travel essentials you should remember to bring for your African safari adventure:

– Comfortable Shoes

Note that your trip requires lots of walking, so make sure to bring comfortable, lightweight shoes, sandals, or boots that are suitable for nature walks or hikes. They must be made of material that is easy to wash and does not get drenched and with hard rubber soles that cannot easily get damaged by roots or thorns. Thus, consider the activities you will do and consult with your safari guide for practical advice.

– Lightweight Clothes

Keep in mind that bright colours scare animals away, and black and blue can attract tsetse flies and mosquitoes. When choosing clothes, while your ensemble does not necessarily need to be khaki from head to toe, you should stick to colours that easily blend in with the environment, like brown, olive green, and khaki. Opt for garments that dry fast, resist staining, and are easy to hand wash.

For gorilla trekking, pack some long-sleeved shirts, pants, gloves, socks, and rain poncho to protect your skin against insect bites when going on. Remember that it can also get chilly in the evening, so you must wear layers of clothing to stay comfortable as the weather changes.

– Sun Protection Gear

Shield your eyes from harsh sun rays and wind by packing a pair of sunglasses. Don’t forget to bring a wide-brimmed hat, and make sure it has a cord to prevent it from getting blown off as you ride. You also have to use eye drops to avoid discomfort caused by the wind and the sun as you ride through the wild.

– Toiletries

Just like in any other trip, toiletries are essential. But when going on a safari, sunscreen, lip balm, and moisturizer are extra crucial because the heat can get brutal, especially during the afternoon. Keep these toiletries handy to prevent any discomfort caused by the scorching heat. You should also carry wet wipes to easily cleanse your face or body and get rid of accumulated dust and dirt on your skin on the go.

– Gadgets

Capture the spectacular sights and sounds in your safari adventure by bringing along with you some handy devices and gadgets. Bring your camera, extra batteries and memory cards, charger, and binoculars. To make your charging hassle-free while at the camp, buy a convertible adaptor.


An African safari adventure offers an exciting combination of wildlife adventure and unique cultural encounters. Make the most of your safari experience and avoid inconveniences by packing the five travel essentials listed above.

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