5 Water Sports Activities to Partake in Uganda

5 Water Sports Activities to Partake in Uganda

Water Sports

5 Water Sports Activities to Partake in Uganda

If you are looking for adventure, then you must visit Uganda to participate in exciting water sports activities. There are several activities that people of all ages can enjoy. You and your family can go on boat rides, canoeing, rafting, kayaking, sport fishing, and a floating safari, among many others. Here are five water sports activities you must experience in Uganda.

Whitewater Rafting

The rafting activity at the Nile generally starts at 9 AM. Before it begins, participants receive safety briefings, helmets, life jackets, spray jackets, and custom-made rafting equipment. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide and, depending on the tour package, a professional photographer. You will be provided with safety rafts and kayakers. Remember to bring along an extra set of clothing, towel, hat and sunscreen.


If you want to go on a solo adventure, then an alternative to river rafting would be kayaking. You can go whitewater kayaking, tandem kayaking or flatwater kayaking. The kayak school will teach you forward paddling, backward paddling, capsize, control skills, rolling and rescue techniques so that you can control and enjoy your kayaking trip. The tour package usually includes a knowledgeable guide, high flotation life jacket, a spray jacket and a helmet.

Stand-up Paddling

Flat water is the ideal place to learn to control the stand-up paddleboard. The water sport is inspired by surfing. In SUP, you have to stand on the paddleboard that floats on the water and use a paddle to move forward in the water. During this water activity, you will also get to view Uganda’s beautiful scenery and fascinating bird species.

Jet Boating

A jet boat works by propelling a jet of water from the back of the craft by drawing water from under the boat through an intake and into a pump jet. Kids from the age of five to adults till the age of 85 can enjoy this water activity on a custom-made 12-seater jet boat.


Riverboarding, also known as river surfing, white water sledding and hydrospeed, is a watersport in which the person lies on a board with fins. Children aged 14 and above can partake in this adventurous activity. Participants will be provided with a river board, flippers, life jacket and helmet. Before you begin the activity, you will be instructed by an experienced guide.

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