What You Should Consider When Planning Your Uganda Safari

What You Should Consider When Planning Your Uganda Safari

Uganda Safari Trip

What You Should Consider When Planning Your Uganda Safari

After the pandemic, you’re probably long overdue for a vacation. If you’re looking for a little more thrill when you finally get out of the house, how does a safari adventure sound?

Uganda is the hotspot for any animal lovers who want to immerse themselves in nature and see some primates. The Impenetrable Forest of Bwindi is home to the last mountain gorillas, or you could sit in Queen Elizabeth National Park to get a little nearer to the monkeys. Bird watchers can also delight in the various bird species that will fly above their heads.

Before you go looking for plane tickets and searching through hotels, there are some things you need to arrange first. Getting the optimal Uganda safari trip requires some advanced planning and special thought.

Here are four things you might want to think about before booking the safari trip:

– Who You’re Going With

Going to Uganda with families and friends can be an eye-opening experience, as long as they can keep up. Uganda is the dream location for adventurers and travellers seeking a trip that will always keep them on their feet. Nature enthusiasts can fill up their heart’s desires with the sights and sounds of so many wildlife.

If you’re choosing a travel buddy, go find one who wants to constantly move and can power through the warmth of the savannah. It’s also ideal to look for a person who isn’t afraid of any transportation medium, because you may have to get somewhere by wheels or boat.

– How Long You’re Staying

This can be based on personal preferences, but you certainly want to get the most out of your trip when you finally book it. Considering the budget, most people opt for four days, but a week would probably be enough for you to do most of the things Uganda has to offer.

A little advice: locals would recommend gorilla tracking twice to take the whole experience in, which can take up to two days. Taking transportation can often account for most of the hours, but it’s just its own experience too. There are hundreds of animal sightings while on the way.

– The Season You’re Visiting

The warmest months in Uganda are often December to February. You could avoid the rain that comes before and after those months that way, especially since the roads and mountain slopes are a little harder to navigate when there’s a downpour. Most travellers opt to come to East Africa by June to October for that middle ground weather and temperature.

– Activities You Want to Do

It’s probably best to write down a bulleted list of everything you want to do in Uganda since it can be easy to lose track once you finally arrive there. With that list, you can look for a tour package that encompasses everything you want to do. Just don’t forget to include trekking and primate-watching when you do.


Roaming Entebbe is exciting, and it can easily make you forget all the days you spent indoors. It’s a refreshing experience to connect with nature and see animals in their natural habitat, which everyone should try at least once in their life.

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