Why Uganda Is the Ultimate Safari Destination

Why Uganda Is the Ultimate Safari Destination

Why Uganda Is the Ultimate Safari Destination

If you have a list of places on your travel wishlist, then Uganda needs to be in the top 5 because it will invoke your wanderlust like no other place in the world. Uganda may seem small, but it is home to the Equator, Rift Valley and the source of the River Nile – thus, appropriately called the Pearl of Africa. Uganda safaris are the perfect kick start to your adventure in Africa where you can get a taste of what it is like to be one with nature.

After a long journey, you will be welcomed by incredible greenery, views of roadside African trade centres, picturesque waterfalls, and deem the travel worth all the trouble. Whether it is the attraction in gorilla trekking, having breakfast with the giraffes or chatting with the rhinos, Uganda will not disappoint. A tour without gorilla trekking is not even imaginable so let’s start there!

Who Would Miss Uganda Gorilla Tours?

Gorilla trekking is one of the top reasons why people travel to Uganda. It habituates half of the world’s mountain gorillas. It is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience which brings you into close encounters with the gentle creatures you had seen previously only on TV. There’s nothing that can compare to standing a few feet away from a giant 200-kg gorilla while he picks his nose and eats leaves indifferent to his surroundings.

Gorilla tours in Uganda will leave you wanting for more as the short hour you spend near these giants will be the best hour of your life. While trekking through the forest, you can explore nature at its finest and appreciate the beauty of wildlife in its purest form.

The Big Four

The Queen Elizabeth National Park is most visited on the Uganda safaris as four (lions, leopards, elephants and buffalo) of the Big Five call it home. Along with many other species such as the Ugandan kob, an antelope, spread out among a diverse and dense forest of acacia-dotted savanna.

Chimpanzee Tracking

While gorillas are most famous, chimpanzees attract their fair share of tourists from around the world. Chimp tracking is more challenging than gorillas because they move fast through the trees. You also can’t get as close as with the gorillas as they tend to stay up in the tall trees.

Murchison Falls

The Murchison Falls National Park offers fantastic wildlife viewing in breathtaking scenic settings. The park is divided into two by the Victoria Nile River and the Murchison Falls, a waterfall that flows down through a six-meter-wide gorge. This naturist’s dream is a perfect way to cap off your Uganda tour.

I’m sure the above attractions have you sold on why Uganda should be your safari destination. It is the escape you are looking for where you can relax and reboot your mind while experiencing nature’s bounty intimately, what better way to take a break from life than to reconnect with nature and rediscover what matters for a peaceful mind.

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