Why Visit Tarangire National Park

Why Visit Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park

Why Visit Tarangire National Park

Are you one of those who likes to take a walk amidst the woods, observing wildlife and enjoying the solitude? Sometimes it is impossible to find such an adventurous and exquisite place free of people. But Tarangire National Park in Tanzania is the place where you will get to see wildlife, walk through a peaceful trail and enjoy its natural beauty without any human commotion. It is not explored much as tourists are more likely to go to Ngorongoro Crater and overlook this hidden treasure. So read on to know why you must visit Tarangire National Park.

Exciting Wildlife

In July and August, you get to see elephants, no matter where you turn. It is super fun to see their little ones running around, flapping their ears. Also, you will get to spot lions, hyenas, and leopards, and if you’re lucky, you might just see them attack their prey. You will definitely get to look at various species of animals near a water pond that’s the main spot in any safari. It is an amazing experience to view their surviving skills, lifestyles, and behaviour. Your guide will load you with massive information, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Exquisite Landscapes

This small land is encompassed by abundant baobab trees and termite mounds. The landscape is what makes Tarangire stand out. It is serene to walk amidst the dense woods, viewing a spectacular sunrise and watching the rays descend on the landscape. However, you have to be careful with this beauty because there are high chances of a cheetah hiding behind the tall grass and leopards on the baobab trees. It is a blend of beauty and adventure.

Adventurous Night Wildlife

If you are a night owl and feel brave enough to step into the wilderness at night, then Tarangire gives you an opportunity to live out this dream. At night, you will get to see species like the aardwolf, serval, and genet, which you might not see in the daylight. It is an incredible experience to walk amidst the woods at night and listen to the sounds of animals – a perfect combination of scary and exciting. Make sure you book in advance for the night tour.

Experience Tranquillity

Since this place is less explored, you would not find too many people in this National Park. It is quiet and peaceful here, giving you a rare opportunity to observe wildlife, nature, and exotic species of birds without any human hubbub. You will get to examine everything closely and have a moment for yourself. Having a look at the stunning scenery, listening to the voices of different birds, and feeling the fresh, unpolluted breeze hit your face will be like a spiritual experience.

Tarangire gives you a chance to build an intimate connection with nature and wildlife without any interference from the real world. Book your next safari at Tarangire with Bushman Safari. They will make your safari experience unforgettable.

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