5 Things You Should Know About Gorilla Trekking

5 Things You Should Know About Gorilla Trekking

5 Things You Should Know About Gorilla Trekking

The current hype around Uganda tours has unleashed an adventurous trekking destination in this east African world. This Gorilla trekking is close to Murchison Falls National Park and provides a world-class experience of nature walks, where hundreds of species of Gorillas, golden monkeys, and chimpanzees never stop to amuse the tourists. While such safari walks are safe and secure, new tourists or even travellers who wish to explore this thrilling experience need to know 5 basic things about Gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Choosing a Service Provider

The most important factor that leads to a wondrous tour at such an exquisite spot is the selection of an excellent service provider. Certain tourist facilities in Uganda do not cost hands and legs and compliment their tourists by providing free gorilla trekking equipment, meals, clothes, and so on, depending upon the policy. Also, choosing an authentic and legit trekking company is integral to a gorilla trekking tour because of the assistance they provide while obtaining the permits and throughout the trekking journey.

Touring Periods

Tourists should know that the best gorilla trekking times of the year include the months of January, February, June, July, August, and September. However, tourists from diverse backgrounds and various purposes also opt for months other than the aforementioned list. Trekking during the seasonal months and tropical months have their own certain advantages. Though, resorts are operative year-round and may have different rates for different services.


Different local dishes in Uganda are available in restaurants. These dishes include foods based on curry, gravy, rice, different types of meat and especially seafood. While tourists may have access to any type of food they would like to order, they should try the local Ugali with different seasonings and the scrumptious seafood offered with sizzlers. For trekking durations and within gorilla trekking spots, stalls offer snacks, water bottles, juices and soft drinks are available.

Trekking Permits

Trekkers need to keep in mind that they are supposed to keep their gorilla permits with them every time – before, during and after gorilla trekking. Usually, it is a card or a document issued by the local authorities to applicants of 15 years old or above as proof of permission granted. Tourists are not allowed to trek for watching gorillas in specific areas if they do not show their gorilla permits. It is a card for singular use and is valid for one trip. Though these cards are issued by the local and/or governmental authorities of Uganda, a competent service provider may assist in filing for a permit, processing and obtaining one.

Other Exotic Destinations

Gorilla trekking is indeed a splendid experience in itself. However, tourists make the fullest out of their journey by also visiting the Murchison Falls and the Murchison National park. There are several reasons why one shouldn’t miss these destinations that are so close. One can witness different mammals in their natural habitat, go cruising, enjoy birdwatching, and cherish the magical moments at one of the greatest Safaris of Africa. Well, that’s a super deal offered against only for minimal peanuts.

Gorilla trekking can be an incredible experience not only because of the gorillas but the other safari opportunities lying ahead of this destination. A trip, especially proposed for gorilla trekking is inexpensive but gives the fullest chances to tours to soothe their souls. It is an unforgettable experience while relishing the moments spent in the core of natural beauty comprising the world’s unique flora and fauna and trekking with 900s of gorillas around.

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