4 Things to do in Murchison Falls National Park

4 Things to do in Murchison Falls National Park

4 Things to do in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls, situated near one of the exotic travel destinations of Uganda, is a centre of attraction for millions of international tourists.  Due to its exquisite location near the Murchison falls National Park, its breathtaking scenic views and the wildlife, visitors prefer this point for nature walks, trekking and even night events and cocktail parties.


Since Murchison Falls is located in the heart of East Africa, it serves as one of the greatest safaris in Uganda.  Visitors experience the presence of wildlife and cherish such moments with those animals in their natural habitat. A safari experience is also considered a must-have because of this spot’s natural beauty. The spot particularly offers opportunities for capturing tons of beautiful pictures with human-friendly and trained mammals. Lions, chimpanzees, gorillas, elephants and golden monkeys can be witnessed jumping from trees to trees. Else, there are wondrous birdwatching views that are never missed whether it’s solo travel or with groups. These safaris are fun-filled and thrilling, especially for people who want to seek pleasure and adventure, all in one. According to Forbes, visitors can witness different species of lions, which are hardly seen in other parts of the world except for Tanzania and Rwanda. Also, zebras, buffaloes and hippos can also be spotted in troops of 30-70. Indeed, for a lover of natural fauna and flora, a safari in Uganda’s Murchison falls can be the biggest gift.

Traditional Foods

Ugali is one of the traditional foods in Uganda. This dish is rarely available in international restaurants, and so, while visiting Murchison falls, tourists enjoy this scrumptious, yet energizing meal. While few tourists may prefer having familiar foods, it is always a better idea to try the specialty of a place. This Ugali is served with dry fruits, nuts, and beans that are harvested locally with different sauces made out of chicken, beef or mutton. Certain Safari lodges in Uganda may also offer seafood such as tigerfish and mukini, seasoned with local spices. Because Uganda serves a diverse tourist base of millions, it offers different other food choices: continental, Italian and so on.


“We don’t wish to cruise!” said no tourist ever. A cruise vacation and that too in Uganda can be invaluable. The local cruise facility offered by the National Park is really not something to miss. People from all over the world enjoy cruise vacations at Murchison’s because the atmosphere is friendly, safe, and totally worth each penny spent on it. At night, these sceneries provide a contemporary view and tourists can watch colourful bazaars, traditional shows and performances all under one roof. The area is clean and provides a magical, remarkable experience for anybody who prefers exploring this part of the world via water, either solo or with family and friends.

Nocturnal Game Drives

Murchison Falls National Park is home to several wildlife species, and mammals especially. Nocturnal animals, which prefer sleeping during the day, can be sighted at night. Odd leopards, lions, buffaloes, antelopes, baboons, elephants, chimpanzees and warthogs are rare species. Most of the tourists flatter about sighting these animals and viewing game drives. Being close to these creatures and taking timeless photographs to reflect on later, form great magical moments. And, these magical moments are totally worth the time and energy of tourists. They are also worthy of the hype these sights have received recently. These game drives are indeed another thrilling part of these safaris in Uganda.

A trip to Murchison Falls National Park can be a life-changing experience. The natural beauty, the green world around and the melodious tones of these beautiful creatures can efface all the grey thoughts, worldly stress, and tensions from one’s mind. Moreover, these pocket-friendly trips are remarkable in their own ways.

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