7 Incredible Facts About Ugandan Gorillas

7 Incredible Facts About Ugandan Gorillas

7 Incredible Facts About Ugandan Gorillas

7 Incredible Facts About Ugandan Gorillas

Did you know that Uganda is one of the only places where you can find mountain gorillas? In fact, Uganda is one of only three places where you can spot them in the world while on a trekking tour. That’s why thousands of people come each and every year to find and spend time with these unique and remarkable creatures. What makes these gorillas so special and at the top of many people’s bucket lists? Read on to find out!

They Have Similar DNA to Us

People come far and wide to take a close and personal look at one of our closest relatives. With 98.5% of a mountain gorilla’s DNA matching ours, it’s hard not to want to get a closer look to see how they resemble us in some respect and to check out their human-like characteristics.

They Laugh and Cry

Mountain gorillas also have similar emotions to humans. Just like us, they’ll cry when they’re sad or injured and laugh when tickled or happy. Their young will even play together just like human children do and misbehave from time to time.

They are the Largest Primates on Earth

The Uganda mountain gorillas are huge animals, much bigger than us. They are in fact the largest primates on earth with a weight of up to 390 pounds for males and 250 for females. Their sheer size is always impressive to see in person.

They Live in Groups

Like humans, mountain gorillas tend to live and travel in families. Except each group is made up of five to over 30 members that is lead by one alpha male called a Silverback. He oversees a number of females and their offspring, leading them onward through the jungle.

They are Nomads

Gorillas are in fact, nomads. They don’t like to live in one spot for very long and tend to travel a few kilometres every day to search for food. This is why a trained group of trekkers will head out to find the gorillas each morning before sending the tour out on their journey.

They are a Critically Endangered Species

Although their numbers have been growing, the mountain gorilla is still listed on the IUCN’s critically endangered species list. Currently, it’s estimated that there are only 900 mountain gorillas left with half of the population living in Uganda.

They are Different from Other Gorillas

They may look like other Gorillas, but they are actually quite different. For one, they are much larger in size and have longer, thicker fur. If you look closely, you may notice that they have shorter arms, as well as a larger nose, jaw, and teeth than other gorillas.

As you can see the Ugandan gorillas are incredibly unique and impressive to witness in the wild. To get up close and in person, join one of our Bushman Safaris trekking tours!

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