Tipping Tips for Your Ugandan Safari

Tipping Tips for Your Ugandan Safari

Tipping Tips for Your Ugandan Safari

Tipping Tips for Your Ugandan Safari

Curious about what’s appropriate when it comes to tipping on your Ugandan Safari? We’ve put together this short guide to help you understand the best procedure for tipping during your trip.

Am I Expected to Tip on My Safari?

Uganda generally has a non-tipping culture, but even though you’re not expected to tip, it is always appreciated and comes with many benefits. In most cases, a tip will entice someone to improve the level of service you receive and of course, add something extra to benefit your tour guide and their family.

How Much is Recommended?

Tipping is done in recognition of good service, so the amount should be based on the extent of your appreciation for the services rendered. You may wish to ask your hotel concierge or tour guide for a recommended amount.

What Currency Should Be Used When Tipping?

Tips should be made only in Ugandan Shillings. Foreign currency is difficult to exchange for smaller bills, so using the national currency will make it easier on everyone.

What Kind of Benefits are Possible?

Customer service is different in Uganda than what you’re likely familiar with back home. For instance, when at a restaurant, you will probably have to signal to your waiter as they are not accustomed to providing the same level of service that’s normal in Western countries. However, if you leave a tip, you can expect much better service the next time you return. If you wish to receive excellent service at your lodge or on your trek, a small tip will get you an extra touch of care.

How Does Tipping Impact the Lives of Ugandans?

Youth unemployment is high in Uganda and finding a well-paying job is often difficult. Those who can find work in the tourism industry are considered to be fortunate. However, the wages are still relatively low and the hours are often long. Your tips will help pay for school fees, medical care, and other important necessities. By tipping your local guides and those who provide services during your trip, you can help empower the people and children of Uganda to live better, brighter and more fulfilling lives. In Uganda, tipping is not expected but it does offer many benefits to you and your service providers. For any more questions and tips regarding travelling abroad in Uganda, contact us directly at Bushman Safaris!

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