6 Adventurous Things To Do On Mnemba Island

6 Adventurous Things To Do On Mnemba Island

Mnemba Island

6 Adventurous Things To Do On Mnemba Island

One of the most exciting vacations you can have is visiting the various fascinating islands of Africa. The mesmerizing weather and the brilliant blue waters of the islands are a treat for visitors and thrill-seekers alike. One such island is Mnemba Island. This archipelago of Tanzania offers tourists an unparalleled vacation experience with its myriad of water sports and beach activities. Not only that, but it also boasts a tropical beauty that you will seldom find. Here are some of the many things you can enjoy while you visit Mnemba Island:

Scuba Diving

For the adventurers, scuba diving should be the first thing on your itinerary. Mnemba Island offers tourists a full experience of diving with their diving centers. If you are an experienced scuba diver, the scuba diver guide will navigate you through the waves and water. However, you need not worry if you are a first-timer. They lead you through training and guidance before taking an incredible first scuba dive of your life.


Mnemba’s lovely coral reefs and their many varieties are a feast for the eyes. This is why many adventurers seek snorkeling as their prime sport. You can witness the island’s rich marine life by seeking the snorkeling centers. If you do not wish for scuba diving but also want to explore the waters avidly, snorkeling is your best chance.

Beach Activities

On Mnemba, solitude is absolute bliss. Revel in the private beach activities, where you let go of all your worries and bask in the calm weather. There is no need to move an inch as your butler will hand you everything you need. The serene sunset dinner by the waters and under the open sky is one of the simple yet best things to experience in a lifetime.


Don’t break your fitness streak and get rejuvenated with yoga sessions by the waters. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, the various yoga classes accommodate all levels of difficulties. The internationally accredited yoga instructor will overlook your exercises and advice throughout your lessons. Moreover, you can book these classes in advance. 

Deep-Sea Fishing

Where there is water, you can definitely go fishing! Indulge in a fishing tournament with your squad to determine who catches the most mackerels, kingfish, barracudas and marlins found in the waters of this island.

Sea Kayaking

Get ready for an amazing round of sea kayaking for two. The kayaking instructor will guide you through lessons so that you discover the fantastic waters of the Indian ocean. If luck is on your side, you can witness a few dolphins and sea turtles in deep waters while basking in the picturesque sceneries from the shallow waters.

These waters have much more to offer tourists like yourselves! For the thrill-lovers, Bushman Safari brings you the best packages to visit the gorgeous Mnemba Island and a myriad of places around Africa. Plan your trip with us and make your vacation exciting!

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