Top Picks For Kenya Safari Tours

Top Picks For Kenya Safari Tours

Kenya Safari Tours

Top Picks For Kenya Safari Tours

Kenya has something to offer everyone, from honeymoon bees and adventurous hikers to nature admirers. While couples can relax in luxurious lodges admiring spectacular views, adventurous hikers can go on morning and evening game drives to watch untamed wildlife, and nature admirers can explore the meadows and forests. Kenya never disappoints tourists with its classic national parks, mountains and beaches. Check out the top picks for Kenya safari tours:

Amboseli and Masai Mara

Amboseli and Masai Mara are for wildlife lovers. You encounter the Big Five closely during morning and evening game drives. Moreover, you can choose the accommodation surrounding the wildlife for an authentic adventure experience. Do check out the award-winning eco camps that are intimate, warm and the best place to accommodate in Kenya. Also, the nature walk with Amboseli and Masai Mara guides is super enlightening as you learn about the species, their lifestyles and more.

Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park is a pure paradise for nature and wildlife lovers, for its mind-blowing waterfalls, mesmerizing 250 bird species and majestic wildlife are out of the world. During your game drives and nature-guided walks, you may encounter black and white colobus monkeys, leopards, buffaloes, hyenas, rhinos and more! The magnificent waterfall acts as a relaxing source after an adventurous game drive.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Imagine a hue of red and orange sunset reflecting on a blanket of pink on the shores of a lake—isn’t it mesmerizing? This is precisely what Lake Nakuru is offering you. While it is famous for its pink flamingos that gather in this lake, you also encounter hippos, black rhinos, waterbucks, giraffes and leopards. It is a pleasant mix of colours, wildlife and nature that you do not want to miss.

Diani Beach

For all the beach lovers, you have to visit Africa’s award-winning Diana Beach. Here, you get to participate in the scariest and most adventurous water sports and explore the marine life of Diani beach. You can opt for kitesurfing, snorkelling and fishing or dive deeper into the sea to encounter sharks and over 500 species of fish. Note that all of this will be in a controlled environment to ensure your safety and enhance your experience.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta Conservancy offers captivating views, for it is set against the ice-peaked Mount Kenya. This place has a fantastic story of its success in conserving rhinos, which is why you get to see different species of rhinos here. Moreover, you see other wild animals, including lions, leopards, buffaloes and cheetahs. This place teaches you about survival skills and the lifestyle of the wildlife.

You must explore all the places mentioned above in Kenya at least once in your lifetime. Each one has incredible stories, culture, nature and memories stored for you! Book your next adventure with Bushman Safari. Our itinerary includes all the prominent places and can be customized at your convenience.

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