5 African Safaris That Cannot Be Missed

5 African Safaris That Cannot Be Missed

African Safaris

5 African Safaris That Cannot Be Missed

Have you ever experienced the thrill of standing amidst the wildebeest, or seen a lion’s cub and their mother passing by you or a cheetah attacking a zebra? Africa can give you such breathtaking sights and trigger fear and excitement at the same time. The continent is home to millions of wildlife and exotic species, and walking amidst them is thrilling because every step is filled with mystery. Here are some safaris you must not miss when you visit Africa:

1) Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro is considered a UNESCO world heritage site. The name has a beautiful meaning in the Maasai dialect – they say Ngorongoro means the gift of life. In this gift of life, you will observe more than 25,000 animals like elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, and it also shelters endangered species like black rhinos, golden cats, and wild hunting dogs. Apart from wildlife, you get to see a volcanic lake, savannah plains, and woodlands.

2) Masai Mara

Whether you want to stay in the lodge or sleep under the stars and experience a campsite, Masai Mara gives you various options. Due to its open grasslands, rolling hills, and acacia woodlands, this place supports a diverse array of species. The great migration of herds and wildebeest settles in Masai Mara. You will get to see giraffes, elephants, rare black rhinos, and eye-appealing landscapes that will take your heart.

3) Serengeti National Park

Serengeti is ten times bigger than Masai Mara, and it is filled with dangers at every step. You have to be careful as wild animals are hidden behind the bushes waiting to attack their prey. Also, you get to see the largest migration in Serengeti National Park, and it is so huge that the mere sight will give you goosebumps. Furthermore, this place has a variety of habitats and ecosystems, which will give you a pleasant view.

4) Kruger National Park

Kruger is the perfect combination of hills, rivers, and wildlife. It is home to the big five, i.e., lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, and rhinos. Due to the montage of hills, woodlands, savannah, and riverine forests, this place shelters a wide range of wildlife and exotic species. Its abundance of water grows a flourishing ecosystem. From a small bush to exclusive lodges, this place has various staying options.

5) North Luangwa

This place is for people who want fewer crowds and more wilderness. It has three camps, which can be accessed only by air. Therefore, this place gives an authentic experience of wildlife. The exploring journey is entirely on foot, which means you will be exposed to dangers at every step. However, you will be accompanied by a guide for safety. This place will give you the ultimate wildlife experience.

Travelling to a whole different continent to observe the best wildlife in the world and missing out on some of the prominent places can be heartbreaking, and you don’t want that. Therefore, connect with Bushman Safari for your next adventure. They will cover all the important places and ensure that your safari is unforgettable.

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