Things to Carry on African Safari

Things to Carry on African Safari

African Safari

Things to Carry on African Safari

Chaotic city life has disconnected us from nature. We don’t have time to look at the sunset, take a walk before sunrise, listen to the chirping of birds, meet new people and learn about their experiences, swim in a lake or climb mountains. To rejuvenate with nature, go on an African safari. Walking amidst wild animals, viewing breathtaking landscapes, climbing mountains and watching different species of birds, flowers, and vegetation will be so exciting and an African safari will give you all these and more. Once you step out there, you would never want to come back to the strenuous life of the city. But it is not easy to go on an African safari as you are going to a whole different country that will have different weather, climate, and survival needs. So here is the list of things you need to carry on your African safari:

Essential Travel Documents

You don’t want to miss out on your travel documents. The list includes a valid visa, passport, photocopy of your passport, air tickets, extra money, and identification card. In case you miss any of these documents, your safari will be cancelled.

Prescribed Medicines

Maybe the change in weather, place and water can affect your health. Therefore, include the following medicines – aspirin, lip balm, Imodium, Neosporin, and some sprays to keep the bugs away. Not to forget, any medicines you take regularly should be carried along with their prescriptions.

Required Equipment

Cameras, binoculars, power banks, extra battery for the camera, handbag, torch, LED miner’s light – these are some of the required equipment to capture your safari moments. The torches and LED miner’s light is for the ones who want to experience night wildlife.

Appropriate Clothes

You will have to be super careful with your choice of clothes for the safari. You can’t wear dark clothes as they might catch an animal’s attention and lead them to attack. Also, you can’t wear anything that is remotely close to camouflage, not even a cap, because it is illegal in Africa. Therefore, avoid such clothing. The clothes you can include are cotton pants, light-coloured tops and bottoms, hats, long sleeve shirts (for protection from the sun), hiking boots, and sunglasses.

Travel Insurance

Travelling is never easy. There are chances of your things getting robbed or last-minute cancellations due to emergencies. Therefore, it is important to have travel insurance as it will cover your loss. Also, check out the coverage it provides before purchasing it.

An African safari is a life-changing experience as you will learn so much about wildlife, culture, nature, and much more. To ensure that your African safari is unhindered, include all the above-mentioned things in your bag. Book your slot with Bushman Safari – they will guide you with the entire process, help you plan, and ensure that you have an unforgettable safari.

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