6 Attractions You Cannot Miss at Katavi National Park

6 Attractions You Cannot Miss at Katavi National Park

Katavi National Park

6 Attractions You Cannot Miss at Katavi National Park

Established in 1974, Katavi National Park is Tanzania’s third-largest national park. Covering an area of 4,471 sq km, it houses the Katuma River, Lake Chada floodplains and the seasonal Lake Katavi, from which it derives its name. Compared to the other national parks in Tanzania, this one has the lowest number of visitors, which means you get to spend more time and have higher chances of viewing the animals in their natural environment. There are many fun activities and attractions in Tanzania’s Katavi National Park that you cannot miss, which include:

Lake Katavi

The national park’s name originates from this seasonal lake which is the best spot to view wildlife. Lake Katavi can cover up to 100 to 150 km, depending on the water levels. When you visit the site, you will also get the opportunity to view the sacred tamarind tree, which the local Bende and Pimbwe communities call ‘the tree of the spirit.’

Katuma River

The waters of the River Katuma flow into Lake Katavi and the plains of Chada and Kavuu. This water source is responsible for sustaining the wildlife in the Katavi National Park and is also home to crocodiles and hippopotamuses.

Katsunga Plains

The Katsunga plains are known to be one of the best wildlife-viewing destinations in the country. The location encompasses scrubs and savannah woodland on the outskirts and has River Katuma flowing through it. It also comprises seasonal lakes and pools, which accommodate over 600 hippos. You will also witness unique animal species like the roan and sable antelopes during your safari on the Katsunga plains.


If you want to spend your time under the open sky, surrounded by nature, then you should definitely try camping at the Katavi National Park. Chada Katavi Nomad Tanzania, the Foxes and Mbali Mbali Katavi Lodge are the only three permanent camps in the park that host up to 12 visitors each, which makes your experience feel unique and special.

Historical Sites

In Katavi National Park, you can view historical landmarks dating back to the Stone Age. Explores will also learn about the diverse culture, rich history and amazing people of Tanzania.

Guided Nature Walks

The best way to explore the Katavi National Park on foot is through guided nature walks accompanied by knowledgeable and experienced park rangers. Short nature walks are three-hour hikes on the nine-kilometre Sitalike hiking trail. On the other hand, long nature walks can take about five hours on a 17-kilometre-long hike along the Chorangwa, Lukima and Ndido waterfalls.

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