When’s The Best Time for a Wildlife Safari in Africa?

When’s The Best Time for a Wildlife Safari in Africa?

Wildlife Safari

When’s The Best Time for a Wildlife Safari in Africa?

People from all over the globe visit Africa for a wholesome experience of adventure, cuisine, culture, wildlife and nature. From the Rwenzori Mountains landscapes, Kenya’s Great Migration to Uganda’s gorilla treks and the astonishing lake Victoria, an African safari is going to take away your heart. While all the landmarks in Africa are excellent, visiting them during a particular time span is essential for an enhanced experience. If you visit during monsoon season for a gorilla trek, you won’t get to see the mighty animals. We have listed the best time to visit for a wildlife safari in Africa below:


Visit Kenya between December and March if you are looking to view the Big Five, newborns and different bird species. Since the rainy season recedes during December, you see animals coming out of their shelter and some new species migrating to this area. However, if you are looking forward to The Great Migration, then July to October are the best months to visit. Viewing millions of wildebeest and zebras crossing the river will send chills down your spine.


The ideal time to visit Tanzania is July to September, which is a long and dry season. On one hand, you can beat the heat at the beach of Zanzibar, while on the other, you get a chance to view one of the most spectacular and the world’s largest migration of wildebeest, zebras and other herds. In addition, you get to view the Big Five during your early morning game drives and can have amazing diving trips because the water is clear at this time of the year.


For all the gorilla admirers, the ultimate time to visit Rwanda is from May to October and December to March. These are the dry months and, hence, perfect for trekking. You would be both scared and excited to hike amidst the dense forest with the sounds of birds and wildlife. Additionally, from September to early October, you get to witness an enormous variety of wildlife near the waterhole.


The best time to visit Botswana is April to October – you would experience minimum rainfall in April; otherwise, the climate would be stable and happening. You will find thousands of animals gathering near the waterhole and viewing them in the cool early morning against the beautiful sunrise is a serene experience. Moreover, Botswana hosts Maitisong Performing Arts in Gaborone, where you can witness local and international dance, theater and music performances.

When you plan for an African safari, narrow down the countries you want to visit as each country has its unique features and best seasons. While some countries are ideal in the dry season, others are known for their wet seasons–depending on what you want to see. For a holistic experience, book your slot with Bushman Safari. Our finely designed itinerary will make your vacation memorable.

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