5 Historical Landmarks in Uganda You Cannot Miss

5 Historical Landmarks in Uganda You Cannot Miss

Historical Landmarks

5 Historical Landmarks in Uganda You Cannot Miss

The landlocked country of Uganda has seen exuberant vegetation, a myriad of wildlife and rare species and splendid snow-capped mountains in every corner. That being said, this land doesn’t fall short in its historical aspects. Let’s explore such places.

Jinja – the Source of the Nile

Despite the apparent historical conflict between John Hanning Speke and his escapades’ partner Richard Francis Burton regarding the source of the Nile River, Jinja town remains a popular destination for tourists as it claims to be the source of the longest river in the world. Lake Victoria, residing in this town, sees the starting point of the river Nile and you can take in the picturesque views along with its tranquility. While visiting the point, you can enjoy an array of activities in this surreal town, including quad biking, water rafting, bungee jumping and more.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

The fascinating Bwindi Impenetrable Forest makes it home to one of the most biologically diverse areas. Its rich heritage has earned it the title of a UNESCO world heritage site and rightfully so, with its abundance of animal species making it a renowned sanctuary. This forest boasts 120 mammal species, 348 bird species and many more. You can have cultural enlightenment while visiting this forest and national park. This is what makes Bwindi National Park a popular destination among tourists.

Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Its snow-capped peaks and lush greenery at the foothills make the Rwenzori Mountains National Park one of the most popular places in the world. With an abundance of flora and fauna, cascading waterfalls and breathtaking views, the national park was named a UNESCO world heritage site. The Rwenzori poses rich vegetation, ranging from tropical rainforests and alps to even glaciers. Trek enthusiasts can set their trails up this third highest mountain peak in Africa, while the tourists can enjoy nature walks amidst the forest.

The Town of Entebbe

The town of Entebbe takes you back to colonial times. It indulges you in its popular botanical garden established in 1898 that harbours over 300 species of exotic plants along with a plethora of endangered species. You can also visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center to explore the protected wildlife away from its natural habitat. In Entebbe, you can also have an incredible experience of traditional fishing at Lake Victoria.

Kampala City

The capital and the largest city of Uganda has a lot to offer with its cultural history and prominent religious sites. A trip atop the Gaddafi Mosque will grant you some of the most beautiful panoramic views of Kampala city. With extraordinary architecture, Bahai Temple, founded in 1961, amasses 52 acres of land, while its bustling nightlife makes your trip worthwhile.

It is nearly impossible to steer away from Africa and even if you try, its incredible beauty and extraordinary safari pull you in. For such an experience of safaris and gorilla treks, reach out to Bushman Safari. We provide an array of Uganda exploration packages and customize them as per your desire to help you garner your most joyous memories!

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