Clearing All Your Doubts About Bushman’s Safaris and Tours

Clearing All Your Doubts About Bushman’s Safaris and Tours

Bushman's Safaris and Tours

Clearing All Your Doubts About Bushman’s Safaris and Tours

Bushman’s Safaris and Tours are well known for the extensive range of experiences we give to our tourists. We ensure no individual leaves the soil of Uganda disappointed. Even though Uganda is a small place, it is blessed with an abundance of nature and wildlife. Our safaris and tours are framed to cover every different adventure each day, and above all, we also structure these tours the way you want to. However, we have decided to clarify all your doubts about Bushman’s Safaris and Tours to understand our work better.

Customized Tours for You

Customized tours are our USP. Our packages are not rigid to the specific contents included in them. You can pick any tour of your choice and make alterations to what you wish to experience. This is our way of giving you complete value for the money you spend. We also provide a range of accommodation facilities that you can choose from, including budget camping, budget lodges, mid-range lodges and luxurious lodges. This place is exciting for every couple, small to big groups, but most importantly, if you are a nature lover, this place can be enjoyed to the fullest even if you come solo.

Top Tourist Attractions

Bushman’s Safaris and Tours are framed to cover the top tourist attractions in Uganda. We aim to provide you with experiences that include forest wild, aquatic wild and the sound of the waves. We cover the magnificent Murchison Falls National Park taking you through Nile’s crocodiles and hippos. We also bring you across the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, home to the endangered rhino species and the Kibale Forest National Park, for you to experience the mystical forest. Apart from these, we also include attractions like Semuliki National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Lake Mburo National Park, etc.

Breathtaking Wild Safaris

With our Wild Safaris, we wish to provide you with the experience of a lifetime. Uganda is home to thousands of species, even those that are endangered. Our safaris offer sightings of the avian, reptile and mammal life. If you are a thrill-seeker, we also take our tourists for various hikes and trekking activities, including gorilla, rhino and golden monkey tracking. Bushman Safari is known for its Gorilla Tours, where you can encounter several of these adorable primates. We give your safety topmost priority; thus, our safaris are safe, comfortable and provided with superior quality service by our tours and safari experts.

Surrounding Communities You Can’t-Miss

As our tours and safaris cover several of the surrounding communities in Uganda, we make it our responsibility to give back to these communities. As we thrive to grow our business, we ensure not neglecting the communities, the reason why Uganda is such a beautiful and vibrant place to visit. We give an identified percentage of our profits annually to the communities as a token of our gratitude.

If there are any further questions or doubts that you may have, please feel free to get in touch with us; we would be delighted to assist you. Bushman Safaris will continue to try and bring various other experiences in our circumference for your unforgettable vacation.

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