Why Must You NEVER Miss Out on Exploring Queen Elizabeth National Park?

Why Must You NEVER Miss Out on Exploring Queen Elizabeth National Park?

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Why Must You NEVER Miss Out on Exploring Queen Elizabeth National Park?

Queen Elizabeth National Park, situated in Western Uganda, is Uganda’s most popular tourist attraction and home to several birds, mammals and various other animal species. This national park was founded in 1952, and ever since, it has been a place that has the widest variety of wildlife. This place has several activities conducted to give you the experience of a lifetime. Some of them include:

Vivid Bird Sightseeing

If you are a bird watcher and enthusiastic about various bird sightings, this place must top your list of tourist visits. Queen Elizabeth National Park is a place that has over 600 species of birds. Some of the birds you can expect to sight here are Papyrus Canary, Martial Eagle, Sedge Warbles, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Cuckoo’s and much more. The vibrant colours of these bird species are not only exciting to watch but a delight to your camera screens.

Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel

The Kazinga Channel links Lake Edward to Lake George, giving a long natural water experience to the tourists. The Kazinga Channel is a dominant feature of the Queen Elizabeth National Park. On the cruise, you can enjoy the sighting of the rich aquatic life. You can also sight the Nile crocodiles and hippos here. It is a one-time experience amidst the sounds of the waves and the abundance of natural life surrounding it.

Adventurous Game Drives

If you are a thrill seeker and wish to sight an extensive range of wildlife animals at a close distance, these game drives are structured just for you. These game drives are scenic and a significant highlight of the Queen Elizabeth National Park. These drives are taken in the mornings, where the expert driver-guides track the wildlife creatures and take you there for close sightings. These include sightings of Elephants, huge Buffaloes, Lions, Hyenas, etc. Watching these creatures from a near distance is what will give you the adrenaline rush.

Chimpanzee Trekking

In the Northern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park is situated the Kyambura George, also known as the Valley of Apes. This place consists of several chimpanzees that you can come across while trekking. These chimpanzees are used to having humans around; hence your presence will not stop them from carrying on with their activities. Trekking across this place not only gives you ape sightings but also takes you through lush savannah grasslands, flowing rivers and creeks.

Queen Elizabeth National Park was named after the Queen herself stepped foot here, proof enough to be an extremely worthy place to visit. If you are wondering how to plan the tour here, feel free to get in touch with Bushman Safaris. We have a specific Queen Elizabeth Royale Tour of three days and two nights framed for our visitors to experience the entire national park. We also custom make the packages and activities as per your requirements.

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