Explore Some of Bushman’s Gorilla Tour Options

Explore Some of Bushman’s Gorilla Tour Options

Bushman Gorilla Tour

Explore Some of Bushman’s Gorilla Tour Options

If you haven’t considered visiting Uganda yet, think again! Uganda is a place with an abundance of nature and wildlife. This place is very well known for its mountain gorillas sightings. If you wish to visit Uganda and are unfamiliar with planning your trip, be rest assured as Bushman Safari will customize your entire tour. In addition to this, if you find gorillas amusing, we have a range of Bushman Gorilla Tour packages. Let us take you through all these packages in a gist.

1) Grand Gorilla Tour

Our Grand Gorilla Tour package consists of three days and two nights. Each day is planned accordingly to ensure you cover gorilla tracking, Batwa cultural encounter and equator experience. Our package includes all meals and accommodation, as stated in the itinerary. Our expert tour guides take you through each day, ensuring you have a safe and memorable experience.

2) Uganda Deluxe Safari

Uganda Deluxe Safari is an eleven days long Bushman gorilla tour package. The package consists of inclusions like accommodation, meals, tour guide, mineral water, etc., as stated in the itinerary. This tour ensures to cover rhino tracking, game drive, boat cruises, chimpanzee tracking in the Kibale forest, exploring the picturesque crater lakes, and gorilla tracking/ trekking.

3) Empire of Apes Safari

Empire of Apes Safari is an eight-day seven-night package that covers the tour of ancient, pristine forests. This Bushman gorilla tour consists of chimpanzee tracking, game drive, boat cruise, gorilla tracking, bird watching, and a fantastic equator experience. Bushman Safari will clearly state the package’s inclusions and exclusions in the itinerary based on your selected custom tours.

4) Wildlife and Wanderlust Safari

Through our Wildlife and Wanderlust Safari, we aim to cover six other highlights along with gorilla tracking on these nine days and eight nights tours. Once you book a package, we will provide you with an itinerary stating all the necessary information. The Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Bwindi Forest will leave you astonished through this entire safari.

5) Wildlife Adventurer Safari

Through this safari, we aim to give you one of the best experiences throughout the week. It is a seven-day and six-night package; each day is organized to cover our package highlights. The tree-climbing lions, rhinos and gorilla sightings, boat cruises, and hike to the top of the Murchison Falls are some of the things to look forward to with this Bushman gorilla tour.

6) Grand Uganda Expedition

This is one of our most extended safaris, as we commit to take you through some of the famous parks, forests and rare corners of the country. Grand Uganda Expedition is a nineteen-day, eighteen-night tour that covers a range of adventures and experiences every day. This package also has additional benefits to the itinerary. Bird watching, game drives, hikes and several sightings are what you should expect from this package.

7) Margherita Peak and Gorilla Adventure

Margherita Peak is Africa’s third highest peak. This is a fourteen-day thirteen-night package that includes climbing the highest peak of the ‘Mountains of the Moon’ and gorilla tracking in Bwindi Forest. We will provide meals and accommodation, as stated in the itinerary. We also give the equipment required for mountain climbing.

Bushman Safari ensures to take care of every Bushman gorilla tour, giving you a safe, thrilled and adventurous experience worth your money spent.

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