4 Reasons To Hire a Private Guide for a Safari

4 Reasons To Hire a Private Guide for a Safari

Hire a Private Guide

4 Reasons To Hire a Private Guide for a Safari

If you wish to have a wholesome African safari experience, you should hire a private guide. Africa has a rich history, culture and distinct lifestyle and an African safari guide will acquaint you with all of these. Their knowledge and experience will help you feel the essence of Africa and they will ensure that you have a smooth and insightful trip. Keep reading to know why you must hire a private guide.

1. You Can Get a Specialized Guide

Everyone visits Africa for various reasons, such as capturing wildlife, exploring local culture, trying authentic cuisines, and learning about exotic species. You can hire a private guide that specializes in that area. This means that if you want to do wildlife photography, you can hire a wildlife specialist guide who will know exactly where and when to take you. Plus, you will have them all to yourselves, so you can shuffle around your plans and move as per your convenience.

2. You Get In-depth Information

Africa has an impressive history and many more mysteries that you might not even know. An African safari guide is well-acquainted with locals, cuisines, and culture and they can give you information about the same. Some specialist guides even understand wildlife communication, which would be exciting to take back from your safari trip. Be it ingenious people, exotic wildlife or the culture and lifestyle of Africa, your private guide will know about everything and give you detailed information on all of it.

3. Your Sight-seeing is Sorted

When you hire a private guide, you don’t have to worry about planning your trip and booking your jeep safari. Your guide will have everything arranged and take you to the best places. Additionally, they know the prominent national parks, sights, and tourist spots, so you just have to pack your essentials and sit in your jeep. Furthermore, they know the right time to take you to a particular place; for example, if Tanzania is best during sunsets, they will keep this spot for the evening. This way, you get the best views on your trip.

4. You Never Miss Wildlife Sightings

An African safari guide is a professional at spotting animals. They are cautious and aware at all times. Plus, they have a good network with other guides, so they get information about wildlife sightings. This way, you never miss out on any wildlife or spectacular views with your private guide.

An African safari guide will ensure that you have seen all the prominent places in your route and your entire journey is hassle-free. Plus, they will make sure that you have an authentic safari experience. To hire a private guide for a holistic safari, contact Bushman Safari – we have experienced private guides who will make your safari experience memorable.

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