Why You Must Trek to the Margherita Peak in Africa

Why You Must Trek to the Margherita Peak in Africa

Trek to the Margherita Peak

Why You Must Trek to the Margherita Peak in Africa

Margherita Peak is a paradise for hikers as it has everything a hiker would want during a trek – challenges, fear, peace, excitement, and a chance to capture some mind-blowing pictures. You will have to climb the Rwenzori Mountains to reach Margherita Peak, encountering wild animals and stunning flora and fauna along the way, which will make your journey more memorable than your destination. Read on to know why you must trek to Margherita Peak:

A Daring Climb

Margherita Peak is the third highest peak in Africa and the highest point of the Rwenzori Mountains. Trekking in these snow-capped mountains is not going to be an easy task. As you ascend towards the peak, you will come across unsteady surfaces, rocky roads, and slippery ones too, since these mountains have glaciers. You also have to be cautious during your climb as you may encounter wild animals. Trekking in Africa is a daredevil task as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you seek a thrilling adventure, this trek will not disappoint.

Intriguing Wildlife

Coming across exotic animals is common while trekking in Africa. The Rwenzori Mountains is a hub of wild animals. While climbing this mountain, you will come across chimpanzees, gorillas, three-horned chameleons, giant forest hogs, Rwenzori otters, blue monkeys, bushbucks, leopards, and many more. The exciting part is that you will never know when and where wild animals will appear along the way. However, you will be intrigued to observe their behaviour, communication techniques, and survival skills.

Striking Landscapes

The highlight of Margherita peak is that the vegetation, flora and fauna change after a few meters. This means that you will see unique and different landscapes while climbing the Rwenzori Mountains. You witness how the sun rises behind the snow-capped mountains and its soft rays slowly illuminate the valleys, flowers, lakes, and mountain ranges. The view is so pleasing and exquisite that it stops you on your track and hypnotizes you. This is just the sunrise; imagine the sunset!

Astounding Lakes

After a tough climb, lakes act as a therapeutic getaway and the Rwenzori Mountains have plenty of them. It feels peaceful when you sit by the rock and view the reflection of the valleys, skies and flowers in the lake. You can even take a dip and release all your worries and stress, imparting the most tranquil experience you will ever have.

Aesthetic Mountain Huts

Trekking in Africa means you will meet people of different cultures, states and countries. You get to stay in compact, warm mountain huts, and you can view the sunrise and sunset from there, imparting a wholesome experience that you will never forget.

Trekking in Africa has to be on your itinerary as reaching Margherita Peak will be an experience you have never had before. So what are you waiting for? Book your slots with Bushman Safari – we will make a wholesome itinerary for you, including all the prominent places you must visit in Africa.

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