Follow this Guide to Make Your Uganda Road Trip Unforgettable

Follow this Guide to Make Your Uganda Road Trip Unforgettable

Uganda Road Trip

Follow this Guide to Make Your Uganda Road Trip Unforgettable

Exploring a new city or country by road is a delightful experience one must try at least once in their life. The gorgeous views, stops for delicious local food and a chance to chat with the locals are all the fun parts of a road trip. It is also a good excuse to spend some quality time and bond with family and friends. You will make and share beautiful memories together. If you are travelling to East Africa, planning a road trip to Uganda is a must. You can follow this guide to make your Uganda road trip unforgettable.

Plan Your Route

Preparing for your road trip and planning your route before you reach Uganda is ideal. Research the weather, road conditions, right vehicle type, must-have local dishes, etc. Arrange for stops at national parks and tourist attractions.

Carry Your Travel Documents

Make sure you have all your necessary travel documents with you. Securely store your passport, visa, driver’s license, identity proof and car-related papers. 

Rent the Right Car

Choose a car that can handle small-town roads. The roads in the city might be well built, but the roads leading to smaller towns and villages might not be in the best condition. So ensure to rent a four-wheeler car that is reliable for the adventure.

Adhere to the Traffic Rules

Your car rental company will guide you about the trace rules and regulations in Uganda, but you should do your own research too. The speed limit to drive on Ugandan highways is 100 km/hr; for urban roads, it’s 50 km/hr, and for rural roads, it’s 80 km/hr. If you drive on gravel roads, your speed limit would be 30 km/hr.

Stay at a Campsite

Try staying at the campsite if you want to experience true wilderness. You can even opt for a car with a roof tent. You will come across several kinds of campgrounds providing secure areas and well-kept amenities. Staying at a campsite is part of an authentic road trip experience.

Pack Plenty of Snacks

While you are in the city, you can stop at cafes and restaurants and try local cuisines. But while you are on the road on the outskirts of town or in a park, finding a shop might be difficult. Prepare your own meals if you can and carry plenty of healthy snacks like fruits or nuts. Carry reusable water bottles and ensure you have enough water to last the trip.

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