Taking Your Kids on a Safari? Here Is What You Need to Know

Taking Your Kids on a Safari? Here Is What You Need to Know

Kids on a Safari

Taking Your Kids on a Safari? Here Is What You Need to Know

Taking your children on a safari ride might feel daunting, but it will be your best holiday decision. Your kids will be filled with joy and excitement at the sight of the animals in the wild. Your trip to Africa could be one of the best family holidays. The animal safari will be a memorable and enlighting experience for your family. However, if you need help travelling with kids on a safari, this is a must-read guide.

Can Young Kids Go on a Safari?

The answer is yes, but it depends on the venue. Different national parks and game reserves set their own age limits for safari rides, though usually, there are no age restrictions for self-drive safaris. Before booking your trip to Africa, research the age limit of the parks you are going to visit. 

How Many Days Are Suitable for Safari Rides with Kids?

Even with serene views and fascinating animals, children get bored quickly. Hence, preferably plan a short safari ride. The younger your child is, the shorter the safari ride should be. Also choose a destination with many fun activities your little ones will enjoy. Below are the days you should consider for a safari ride with your children, according to their age.

For kids at two to three years of age: Spend about half a day on a safari ride or self-drive safari and the rest of the day in other activities.

For kids at four to five years of age: You can spend about half a day to a full day on a game drive. 

For kids at six to eight years of age: Your kids won’t mind spending a whole day in a safari car at this age, so you can opt for long game drives.

What Items Should You Pack for Kids?

First, pack the usual items the whole family will need, like a first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellant, coat or jacket, socks, hat or cap, sunglasses, reusable water bottles, a camera, batteries and a charger. Additionally, carry some books, binoculars and cameras for each of your children to keep them busy on the safari tour.

What Safety Precautions Should You Take for Your Kids While in the Safari Vehicle?

During your safari tour, ensure your children are in the car at all times and don’t stick out their hands. Make sure they don’t make a lot of noise, especially when there are animals nearby. Lastly, follow your guide’s instructions.

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