6 Mistakes to Avoid During an African Safari

6 Mistakes to Avoid During an African Safari

African Safari

6 Mistakes to Avoid During an African Safari

An African safari can be a wholesome experience of adventure, learning and fun. But being out in nature amidst the wildlife can also be dangerous. It is important to take the necessary steps that ensure your safari safety because crossing the line here can not just get you into trouble with the law, but also with nature, which only plays by its own rules. But you do not need to worry. Our African safari tips will tell you all the do’s and don’ts for your next trip to the continent. Here are the most common African safari mistakes tourists tend to make that you should consciously avoid:

Overpacking for the Trip

If you are visiting Africa for the first time, it’s natural to pack everything you may need whilst being out in nature. But overpacking is one of the most common African safari mistakes that tourists tend to regret. Make sure that your bag for the safari itself is packed light as you will be moving about a lot. Just carry essentials like sunscreen, bug repellent, a water bottle, money and important documents, along with your camera and its accessories.

Drawing the Attention of Animals

The main reason for an African safari is to see animals but if they’re not looking your way, do not try and grab their attention just so you can get a good picture. You do not want to draw the ire of an animal and instigate it to attack the group. Also avoid wearing bright colours, because they are likely to attract animals as well as insects.

Littering in Nature

Living in the city gives you easy access to bins and other waste disposal systems. But if you do not find them on your path during a safari, make sure you keep the trash in your bag and not leave it lying about in nature. Another important African safari tip is to not leave your food unattended as it will draw the presence of animals towards you.

Ignoring Your Guides

One of the most important rules of safari safety is to listen to your guide. They are professionals who not only work with many tourists but also understand animal behaviour. Follow their African safari tips and they will make sure you have a great time during your trip.

Being Ignorant Towards Locals

This is one of the common African safari mistakes made by tourists. It’s best you do thorough research about the countries you are visiting and their cultures, so you know what to expect when you get there. Going on an African safari with preconceived ideas about the people and the place will make you seem rude and ignorant.

Not Booking Your Safari in Advance

Not planning your trip in advance will be one of the most regrettable African safari mistakes you can make for yourself. This is where Bushman Safari comes in. We are among the finest African tour companies that cater to your every need and ensure the expedition we plan is exactly how you imagined while guaranteeing your safari safety.

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