5 Things to Do in Africa

5 Things to Do in Africa

Activities in Africa

5 Things to Do in Africa

Visiting Africa is like stepping into a whole new planet. Here, you can have a myriad of experiences like feeling a sense of tranquillity upon viewing the golden savanna grasslands during sunrise or a sense of adventure as you walk unprotected amidst the wildlife. An African safari will take you to unimaginable places and unlock unpredictable mysteries for you. There are also many activities in Africa, like hiking, trekking, and rafting, among others, which are fun and adventurous. This is just a teaser; let us look at the reality of the things to do in Africa.

1) Witness the Great Migration

Witnessing the great migration should be on the top of your things to do in Africa list because this is a spine-chilling experience. You will witness millions of wildebeests heading towards Masai Mara in search of green pastures. The best part of this migration is watching them cross the streams; that is where they have to be careful of crocodiles. Viewing this survival game is one of the scariest and most exciting things to include in your African safari itinerary.

2) Walk through the Spice Islands

Walking through the Spice Islands and inhaling the fragrance of exotic species is one of the most serene activities in Africa. It is pleasant to your eyes as the islands are colourful and ancient. Also, you get to learn about the heritage and culture of the Zanzibar Archipelago. This is the best part of an African safari – you enjoy and learn.

3) Hike to See Gorillas

An African safari has a special plan for gorilla trekking. If you are enthusiastic and curious about these giant creatures, you must include gorilla trekking on your things to do in Africa list. This hiking experience in Africa will be like no other. You will walk amidst the quiet, dense forest, hear wild animals’ noises, and observe gorillas closely – this hike is both scary and exciting.

4) Explore the legendary Sossusvlei

Exploring activities in Africa is an endless task. However, do not miss out on Sossusvlei, which is known for its haunting and barren landscape. Exploring this place is scary and mysterious. Here, the clay sink is surrounded by sand dunes because of which you get to see a play of colours during sunrise. This is going to be a unique experience on your African safari trip.

5) Sail at Lake Malawi

Sailing in the third largest lake in Africa is a mesmerizing experience. This is the perfect place for water activities in Africa, like diving and snorkelling. Malawi is also home to 1000 species of fish, and snorkelling beside them is captivating and the most serene experience you will ever have.

An African safari is an experience unlike any other, plus there are so many things to do in Africa that one trip would never be enough. The activities in Africa are perfect for you whether you are looking for adventure, peace, or an opportunity to learn. For an excellent African safari plan, contact Bushman Safari. We will make you an exciting itinerary, which will make your African safari unforgettable.

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