How to Prepare for Peak Season Safari in Tanzania

How to Prepare for Peak Season Safari in Tanzania

Safari in Tanzania

How to Prepare for Peak Season Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country in East Africa famous for its wilderness, national parks and animal safaris. Peak tourism season is observed during the summers, from June to October. With your kids on summer vacation, it is the ideal time to visit Tanzania, even though you are bound to get caught up in crowds and the hot summer winds. Visiting Tanzania during the peak season has its advantages. To make the best of the holiday, follow the tips below to prepare for your summer peak season trip to Tanzania:

A Majority of the Attractions Are Open

As it’s peak season, many attractions will definitely be open, and tourist sites usually extend their hours. So don’t worry about missing out on any activity. You can plan and schedule all the activities you want to partake in and book all the park safaris you want to visit.

Know How to Avoid Crowds

During the peak tourism season, national parks will be filled with crowds. If you thrive on interactions, maybe the public won’t be such a bad thing. You will get a chance to interact and socialize with people from different backgrounds and make new friends. But if you want to avoid crowds, visit lesser-known national parks. You might even save some money, which will also allow you to explore Tanzania at your own pace.

Visit First or Last

Consider visiting the attractions first thing in the morning or late in the evening when the daytime crowds have left. Many popular parks also operate late at night as an alternative to avoid the morning crowds. Do your thorough research and plan your trip strategically to avoid crowds while visiting many attractions.

Be Prepared for the Heat

Even though you will encounter crowds and the weather will be hot, the best season to visit Tanzania would be the summer. The sunny climate and no rains will allow you to enjoy the safari, park activities, and hot air balloon rides. Also, you can enjoy watersport adventures and the beaches to the fullest this season. Always remember to stay hydrated. 

Make Advance Reservations

Booking your trip well in advance will get you amazing deals and prices, especially if you plan to visit Tanzania during the high tourist season. It may cost you less to book your flight tickets and accommodations in advance than to book them closer to your trip date. This will also cause less stress and anxiety and give you time to make preparations.

Take Note of Hotel Alternatives

As peak tourist season approaches, well-known hotels and lodges, especially in the cities and close to the national parks, will raise their prices. If you want to avoid the high costs but can’t change your holiday dates, look for campsites in the national parks or smaller lodges. They will offer affordable lodging and boarding prices compare to other accommodations.

Consider Smaller Cities

If you want to go on a city tour, opt for smaller cities; this will help you avoid crowds and large tourist groups. Explore the lesser well-known parts of the country.

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