8 Safari Animals Of Uganda That Will Blow Your Mind

8 Safari Animals Of Uganda That Will Blow Your Mind

Animals Of Uganda

8 Safari Animals Of Uganda That Will Blow Your Mind

Uganda is home to several beautiful landscapes and wildlife. It is a country in east Africa and a haven for various mammals, birds and fish species. Uganda is known for its safaris tours and gorilla treks. Here are eight animals of Uganda that will blow your mind when you encounter them on your safari.

Crested Crane

A subspecies of the grey-crowned crane, the crested crane, is the national bird of Uganda. It appears on the national flag and also on the coat of arms. The bird has the same colours as the Ugandan flag and represents the abundant wildlife of Uganda. 

Cichlids of Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is home to many fish species, but the main attraction is cichlids. There are over 2000 species of cichlids. However, most of those species can only be found in Lake Victoria. Some commonly found cichlids in Uganda are broken bar, thickskin, flame back, blue neon and orange rock hunter.

African Bush Elephant

The African bush elephant, also called the African savannah elephant, is the world’s largest living land mammal. An average-sized elephant can weigh up to 6.6 tons and stand about 10.5 feet tall. In contrast, a large male elephant weighs about 11.5 tons and is around 13 feet tall. Female elephants are distinctly smaller in weight and height.

Ugandan Kob

The kob, Uganda’s national animal, appears on the coat of arms alongside the crested crane. It is an antelope found in various parts of Africa. Male kobs can weigh about 200 pounds, while females can weigh around 130 to 140 pounds.

Shoebill Stork

The shoebill is a grey-white bird standing around five feet tall. Young shoebills are usually brown. They are also known as the shoebill stork, whalebill, whalehead and whale-headed stork. Shoebills live in swamps and can live for over 50 years. 

Rock Python

The rock python is Africa’s biggest snake. It can grow about 16 feet long. It is not venomous, meaning it doesn’t secrete any poison. Rock pythons are so huge that they kill their prey by constriction.

Mountain Gorilla

Over half of the mountain gorilla species live in Uganda’s forests. These gorillas are endangered species. They can only grow and survive in their natural habitat, so protecting the forests in Africa is crucial. They live in family groups led by a mature male gorilla, whose job is to protect the family from danger.

African Lion

Lions are famous tourist attractions in African safaris. They live in family groups called a pride. Each pride consists of one or two adult male lions, several female lions and their cubs. The male lion protects the pride, whereas it’s the female lions’ job to hunt.

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