4 Places a Nature-Lover Must Never Miss in Africa

4 Places a Nature-Lover Must Never Miss in Africa

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4 Places a Nature-Lover Must Never Miss in Africa

The beauty of Africa knows no bounds. Every year, thousands of people travel to this continent to explore the gorgeous plateaus, timeless deserts, incredible wildlife, sensational nature and magnificent monuments. However, this barely quenches the thirst for exploration and it’s not long until Africa calls them back. It also goes without saying that the natural aspect of Africa is something one should experience at least once in their lifetime. Here are a few of the many natural attractions you could visit in Africa.

Mountains of the Moon

The Mountains of the Moon, referring to the surreal ice caps of the Rwenzori mountains, are a sight to behold. A blanket of greenery spread across the foothills of these mountains, you cannot go without taking everything in. Lush vegetation adorns these areas with tropical rainforests tucked in the breathtaking alpine meadows. Hike-lovers can set out to climb the peaks of Margherita, while the nature-seekers can explore the incredible shades of bamboo trails and rivets in the picturesque grasslands.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Nature walks in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are always the talk of the town. The six main nature trails of the Buhoma is a sanctuary for someone who relishes in the beauty of the world. These trails include waterfall walks, nature walks, primates and mountain views with astounding birdlife. The Buhoma-Nkuringo trails offer an impressive view of the cloudy hillsides and lead to remarkable views of the Ivi River.

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls is a beacon for an explorer who revels in the sight of nature. With magnificent views, waterfalls and rainforests, Murchison Falls is a place you cannot miss. It also gives an unobstructed view of one of the longest rivers in the world – the Nile. The incredible golden savannah, woodlands and a multitude of mammal and bird species make it one of the best places to visit in Africa.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Alluding to one of the most scenic places in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park is rightfully called the ‘medley of nature’ by a number of authors. It is crossed by the equator at zero coordinates and possesses ten crater lakes, which makes it one of the most fascinating attractions in Africa. You can set out with your camera to capture a number of awe-inspiring visuals to commit to your memory. Not only this, but this park offers rich wildlife in Africa with numerous species of animals to spot.

A visit to such places shouldn’t be just a pipedream. This is where you come alive and feel the force of nature. African life, trails, waterfalls and safaris can be etched into your soul and you’d never wish to leave. Such an experience is brought to you by Bushman Safari. We want to give you the best experience of your life in the wilderness and wildlife of Africa and make your days worth visiting here.

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