4 Things to Know When Trekking to Margherita Peak

4 Things to Know When Trekking to Margherita Peak

Margherita Peak

4 Things to Know When Trekking to Margherita Peak

Dear hikers, do you think you have it in you to climb one of the most challenging mountains in the world? If yes, then Margherita Peak is waiting for you. This will not be the usual peak you will reach after hours of hiking. To reach Margherita Peak, you will have to climb a range of mountains for six to seven days, after which you will summit the Margherita Peak! What will you get here? Amidst the climb, you will witness mind-blowing landscapes, exquisite lakes, and unique species of flora and fauna. Here are some things to know before planning your trek to Margherita.

1) Get Ready for the Toughest Climb

Margherita peak is the third highest peak in Africa. Over 75,000 travellers come to hike on the Rwenzori Mountains, but only a few hundred can reach the peak of Margherita. Planning to reach the peak means deciding to spend the next eight to ten days in the mountains. Additionally, you will have to carry only the essentials while climbing, which will help you survive in your expedition. The uneven surface, rocky roads and glacier regions make the climb challenging yet adventurous.

2) Know What to Pack

When you plan for this expedition, you need to carry specific essentials. Note that you can rent some equipment and necessities on the site. Here are the things you have to pack:

  • Medicines – Carry the ones you take regularly and pack prescriptions of the same.
  • Clothes – Carry multiple layers and waterproof clothes for different climatic conditions.
  • Footwear – Carry your hiking boots and crampons, without which trekking will be impossible.
  • Sleeping bags – You will spend almost eight to ten days in the mountains, so don’t forget to pack your sleeping bags.
  • Trekking insurance – Carry your travel insurance papers in case of emergencies.
  • Other accessories – This will include your camera, sunglasses, lotions, insect repellents and others.

3) Figure Out the Best Time for the Climb

The two peak seasons to trek these beautiful mountains are June-October and December-February. In these months, the hills are dry and passable. You will get to view some outstanding landscapes and never-before-seen wildlife species. Note that now it is possible to visit Margherita in April, May and November as the roads, accommodation and amenities have improved.

4) Follow the Guide

Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains is impossible without a guide. They not only show you the path but also ensure your safety. Since they are experienced, they help you use equipment, connect ropes and suggest climbing techniques. Plus, they give you detailed information about the mountains, locals and lifestyles.

Hiking up to Margherita Peak is going to be the most memorable experience. All you have to do is make yourself fit and healthy before you take up the expedition to explore this paradise. Wondering whom to approach to plan your trip? Bushman Safari is at your rescue. We understand your plans and accordingly build an itinerary for you. Reach out to us for a completely organized trip.

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