Read This Before Opting for an African Safari!

Read This Before Opting for an African Safari!

opting for an African Safari

Read This Before Opting for an African Safari!

Are you planning an adventurous trip to African Safari? You are definitely not alone. With national and international lockdowns easing, and pandemic slowing down, there are thousands of people who are ready with their backpacks and DSLRs to experience something that has the power to change their lives forever. Yes, that’s true for African Safaris, especially if you intend to visit Uganda. So, here is an 8-factor resource that will clear all the air about these famous African safaris!

1. This is the Best Season!

African Safari’s beauty is at its peak during dry seasons. It’s quite exciting to trek those challenging trails and meet diverse species of mountain gorillas and experience peace of mind like never before, especially between July and October. And as we said earlier, it’s the post-pandemic period, and so you can find wildlife: flora and fauna fresher and more beautiful than in other parts of the year.

2. You are Picking an Affordable African Safari

Tours within Africa can be cheaper than you had ever expected. Firstly, you’re not opting for a mainstream serene view that can be found elsewhere in the world. Africa is exotic and visually appealing in its own ways. Secondly, the local food and accommodation are relatively economical and won’t cost you an arm or leg.

3. You can Choose Whichever Food Appeals to Your Taste Buds

Uganda is one of the main tourist hubs in Africa. Not only because of the picturesque atmosphere but also because one gets a lot of choices when it comes to food. Most people prefer traditional specialties of the region, special seafood, grains, and other healthy, yet tempting food that isn’t offered anywhere else in the world; while others go for conventional Italian or continental foods.

4. Planning is Important

Anybody who fails to plan this African Safari holistically shall never yield the true sense of this experience. You should decide every significant detail beforehand. It’s better to discuss important dates, local events, accommodation, hoteling, and other necessary aspects with a travel advisor or some friend/family member who’d been there earlier.

5. Where to Stay

There are hundreds of options when it comes to accommodation, and that’s pure because of the growing popularity of these African Safaris. Somehow people have realized that true satisfaction and contentment are found in the core of the earth, within dense forests and close to mammals and not in contemporary settings where you can’t actually live the moment. So, you can choose between luxury resorts to outdoor camps – whatever’s suitable. You can narrow down several accommodation options considering how many people accompany you and whether it’s a group of friends or family members. If you are going with a spouse or kid, then a hotel close to the national park will be better.

6. Now, What’s This Trekking Permit?

Trekking is an important part of an African Safari, especially if you intend to visit Uganda. So, anybody who plans to trek and meets mountain gorillas in their natural habitat has to acquire a trekking permit, which is usually issued by the local authorities in charge of those safaris.

7. People Give Back!

Most people prefer giving back to nature in return for the happiness and satisfaction they achieve with this tour. If you feel inclined towards doing a deed or two, talk to the local tour guide. He will surely provide you with a plethora of monetary and non-monetary options. Many people choose to design posters for the area and run campaigns for the conservation of wildlife after getting back.

8. Staying Safe

These affordable African Safaris are safe and secure, and that’s not too much to ask for. The local authorities have their set of rules and regulations that safeguard all the visiting tourists and residents of the area. Most tourist guides usually have first aid kits with them, and medical offices are placed strategically throughout the safari region to avoid any inconvenience. This African safari experience is an all-in-one package of tourism, adventure, thrill, and serenity. And if you’ll wander, you’ll surely not be lost (no pun intended) because this is one of the greatest opportunities to stay close to nature. These mountains and the dense green areas have a lot to give you if you are fully poised to absorb it all!

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