How to Stay Healthy in Uganda

How to Stay Healthy in Uganda

Stay Healthy

How to Stay Healthy in Uganda

Uganda is a place blessed with natural life and habitation. Yet, many are still skeptical about visiting here for a vacation. The main reason behind this is their concern regarding health and safety. Uganda is one of the safest among several places around the globe. If you fly in well-prepared, not only here but to any other place for a vacation, you will definitely have a beautiful stay. For now, here’s how you can stay healthy in Uganda.

Eat Local Food

Food is an integral part of our life and a crucial factor that influences our good health. It is best advised to have the local Ugandan food here. People here are experienced in preparing their food. They use fresh food items, steamed and boiled for hours before they are actually cooked for a meal. Nothing cooked here is from items piled for days; everything is fresh and served hot.

Drink Bottled Water and Stay Hydrated

To be on the safe side, it is best if you opt for bottled water. Along with bottled water, ensure you carry along sachets of electrolytes as Uganda is a hot place. Visiting tourist places here or going on safaris will need you to stay hydrated so that you can enjoy every minute you spend here. Tag along with you a bottle of water at all times, and you will be good to go.

Get Yellow Fever and Anti Malarial Vaccination

Uganda, just like many other tropical places, is prone to yellow fever. Yellow fever is dangerous, so it is always advised to get a yellow fever vaccination before you visit tropical regions. As Uganda is blessed with natural life, it also has several mosquitoes that also increase the risk of malaria. Getting the necessary jabs required against such diseases beforehand and being cautious and staying in nets during peak hours when mosquitoes are out, or using mosquito repellent can keep you all safe during your stay.

Keep a First Aid Kit

A first aid kit should be your addition on every trip. If you are visiting Uganda few essential things to include in your kit are band-aids as minor cuts and breakouts are bound to happen when you explore the wilderness. Carry the existing medications that you are on, something that you should pack in the very beginning. Also include sunscreen, as the heat here will be intense, along with anti-diarrhea and anti-malarial medication, vitamins and insect repellents. Please make a small kit and keep it with you at all times.

These are a few essential items that you must consider before your travel here. Uganda is a safe and pretty place that brings several tourists every year from different locations around the globe. If you want to plan a safe and exciting stay in Uganda, feel free to get in touch with Bushman Safaris. We plan the entire tour for our customers here, from safe accommodation to exciting safaris and tourist place visits, giving you a trip to remember for the rest of your life.

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