4 Tourist Things To Do in the Queen Elizabeth National Park

4 Tourist Things To Do in the Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

4 Tourist Things To Do in the Queen Elizabeth National Park

The western part of Uganda boasts a safari named after the reigning monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth II. It stretches across four districts, namely: Kasese, Rukingiri, Rubizi, and Kamwenge, and spans a whopping 2080 km². This national park is composed of the Katwe craters, the twin lakes of George and Edward, the Kyambura gorge, and the Maramagambo forest. Before 1954, this park was called Kazinga national park but was changed to Queen Elizabeth National Park after the monarch went there on a safari tour.

This park is famous for having incredible biodiversity and unique physical features. There are numerous things to do and experience as a tourist visiting the park, and here are some of them:

– Bird-Watching

Bird-watching is one of the most popular attractions in this Ugandan park since the park hosts more than 600 birds. That’s a little more than half of Uganda’s overall 1060 bird species. The park has one of the highest concentrations of bird species globally, making it a dream destination for bird-watchers.

The park is an attractive spot to birds because it has several water bodies, including swamps, gorges, craters, and forests. Some must-see sites are the savannah plains, the Kazinga channel, the Kyambura gorge, the Maramagambo forest, and the crater lakes.

Bird species that watchers will greatly appreciate are the broad-billed roller, fish eagles, water thick-knee, cuckoos, black bee-eaters, warblers, the Africa finfoot, Turcaos, flamingos, the red-chested sunbird, and the grey-winged robin chat.

– Maramagambo Forest Nature Walks

As one of the few Ugandan tropical rainforests, the Maramagambo forest is located in the southern park and offers an excellent spot for seeing different animals. The nature walk costs $30, and tourists can spot reptiles, red-tailed and vervet monkeys, birds, bush babies, and chimpanzees. Tourists also can visit the bat and python cave, where they can see battles between predator and prey from a hidden place.

– Hot Air Balloon

This is a relatively new tourist attraction that was introduced to replicate the success achieved in Murchison Falls National Park. This hot air balloon experience lets tourists get an aerial view while flying over the park. To get the best experience, hot air balloon safaris should be enjoyed in the morning. This time is when the beauty of the safari is unearthed to human eyes, right when soft sun rays hit the ground. It has long been one of the most beautiful experiences in the safari, and tourists can experience them now!

– Cultural Experience

Cultural tourism is one of the many ways the Ugandan government encourages communities to live harmoniously with wildlife. While on a safari tour, tourists are taken to visit local communities near the park to learn about their traditions and cultural heritage. Tourists can learn from attending traditional dance performances and visiting nearby schools and organizations. One of the famous performers is the Kikorongo equator cultural group. They’re a must-see for all tourists!


Visiting the Queen Elizabeth National Park is a must-do for safari-lovers. But, it is also a good experience for anyone who loves animals or wants a new, thrilling experience. So, what are you waiting for?

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