5 Things to Do in Uganda

5 Things to Do in Uganda

Activities in Uganda

5 Things to Do in Uganda

Planning for a vacation can be a tough job, as some would prefer mountainous locations, others would prefer beaches, and maybe you want something adventurous. You clearly can’t go to different places, but you can find all of those places in one. There are some incredible places to visit in Uganda that you must experience at least once in a lifetime. Plus, there are many activities in Uganda like an African safari, hiking, rafting, etc. that will leave you wanting more. A trip to Uganda will impart the most enthralling experience you will ever have. For more clarity, read on to know the list of things to do on your trip to Uganda:

1) Trek to See Gorillas

Hiking through the quiet, dense Bwindi Forest is an experience by itself and if you encounter a giant gorilla on the way, it is truly spine-chilling. Furthermore, you get to learn about the gorillas’ lifestyle, behaviour and communication ways from your guide, which can be very exciting and informative. But beware! You have to be very careful with all your activities while trekking, as any noises, can attract wildlife attention, putting you in danger.

2) View Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the finest places to visit in Uganda. This was the first park to offer a land and water African safari. When you visit there, you get to see the breathtaking Devil’s Cauldron, which is an eight-meter gap through which the Nile River flows forcefully. Here, you would get a chance to encounter crocodiles, Rothschild giraffes, warthogs, elephants and buffaloes. It is a combination of breathtaking views and adventure.

3) Raft in Jinja

Rafting is one of the most popular activities in Uganda, and you definitely want it to be a part of your African safari itinerary. Jinja in Uganda is known for being the world’s best location for white river rafting. Along with this, you will get to do mountain biking, bungee jumping, and kayaking, making it an ultimate spot for all adventurous activities.

4) Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park

Your African safari in Uganda must include a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park as it is a prominent destination for tourists. You get to witness stunning scenery combined with enormous lakes as well as elephants and tree-climbing lions, making it an infusion of thrilling experience and pleasant views.

5) Rest at Lake Bunyonyi

At Lake Bunyonyi, you can sit on the bare grass, view the unending lake, listen to the soft noise of the water, look at various species of birds, and experience the most tranquil moment of your life.

Be it peace or adventure, you will get to enjoy many activities in Uganda. There are so many spectacular places to visit in Uganda that your safari might fall short. So, ensure that you book your African safari in such a way that you don’t miss out on the must-see places. For an ideal itinerary that gives you the best experience, book with Bushman Safari. We have the best African safari plans and an option to customize your plan at your convenience.

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