The Important Things to Pack When Going Gorilla Trekking

The Important Things to Pack When Going Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking

The Important Things to Pack When Going Gorilla Trekking

No other activity is as fulfilling as getting in touch with nature. Hiking, mountain trekking, and cave diving are just some of the ways in which you can completely forget about the urban noise for a moment or two and indulge in the wonderful things that nature has to offer. Indeed, being away from the city can help clear your mind from the stress of work and deadlines, so much so that you may even have the urge to explore more every time your yearly break comes around.

In that case, one of the many things that you may try would be gorilla trekking.

What Is Gorilla Trekking?

It is an activity that involves hiking toward a mountain gorilla’s natural habitat. It may sound simple at first until you realize that in order to reach them, you will have to go through thick forest vegetation and water bodies. It is an activity that mostly lasts for many hours, as walking through the forest can get quite exhausting, and there are countless stops along the way to ensure a few minutes of rest.

As difficult as it may be, many are still signing up for it, as the magnificent sight of the gorillas in their natural habitat is worth every sweat and knee sore. If you’re more of the adventurous type, then this trek is definitely for you.

What Are the Things I Should Bring When Gorilla Trekking?

There are actually many to mention, but we will only mention the most common ones that you’ll need to bring along with you.

– A Rain Jacket

Going through the forest can be quite unpredictable. Aside from the warm temperature, you also have to contend with the sudden rain, as rainforests are known for their ever-changing weather. Having a rain jacket with you will at least mitigate the amount of rain that you may encounter along the way. Take note that a rain jacket is different from a raincoat. The latter is not recommended for this type of trip as it limits your movement, a crucial requirement when going through rough terrain.

– A Long-Sleeved Shirt

The thing about rainforests is that they are often teeming with wildlife, all coming in various forms and sizes. With that in mind, you should remember that they are abundant with bugs and insects as well. Your trek may not be as enjoyable if you are being bitten by countless mosquitoes, so it would be better to be appropriately dressed for the occasion. A long-sleeved shirt is enough to cover your arms, protecting them from any form of bite or scratches.

– A Pair of Waterproofed Pants

The rainforest has many wet and muddy trails that may not be easy to go through with cotton pants. In such a case, wearing jeans may be more advantageous to you in the long run as it doesn’t limit your movement, even when wet.

– A Water Container

You may either bring a sturdy bottle or a flask; it’s your pick, so long as it would hold enough water for the whole trip. Trekking through the forest can be tiring, and you will need to rehydrate from time to time.

– A Good Pair of Hiking Boots

We’ve mentioned before how a forest trail can get muddy due to the frequent rain. In that case, a nice pair of hiking boots will ensure that your feet are not going to get stuck in the mud, and neither will you slip or fall when it comes to climbing up the steep mountain rocks.


Gorilla trekking can get quite exhausting, especially if you lack the necessary preparations. The number of items you’d have to carry and the proper gear to put on will play an important role in making the trek easier. By being well-prepared and conditioning your body for the long hike, you will be able to reach the gorilla’s natural habitat without encountering any major obstacles along the way. Just be sure to maintain the appropriate distance; you wouldn’t want to disturb the gentle giants of the rainforest in their humble home.

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